Summertime Saga Aqua's Quest Walkthrough


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May 13, 2019
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Aqua's Quest Walkthrough Requirements: Progress in Jenny Route to get enough Dexterity and Erik Route will unlock the Hospital

Progress in Erik Route till you get the key in the stolen loot
Progress in Mia Route till you unlock the church


Pier - Talk to Cpt. Terry [What's your secret]
Clinic - Talk to Roz [Ancestry]
Second Floor Clinic Key Room - Think Happy Thought (Blame DarkCookie for this scene. Who the hell does that? (Unless you're into it) - Obtain Obituary Records
Inventory - Open Obituary Records
Graveyard - Left Gravestone
Church Bell Tower - Bell
Hill - Left Tree Hole - Obtain Old Scroll (What puzzle looks like)

Forest Night Time - Middle Area - Puzzle (Shuffle tiles if needed for Half Moon with 3 stripes in upper left)
Receive treasure map - Go to Library check bookshelf for Old Book (Decipher Key)

Park - Fountain - Coin (Cross, Bottom mid) for Code
Beach - Island - Click and dig
Code - 1513 (Octopus - Mermaid - Octopus - Anchor )
Key from Stolen Goods Bag in Park via Erik Story line
Receive Golden Compass - Pier - Cpt. Terry (May have to talk event and return next day)
Cpt. Terry - [Golden Compass] - Receive Golden Lure

Go fishing - Use Golden Lure - Cast Lure between Bra and Pearl (Crack in seafloor)
Defeat Octopus (mini game)
Underwater cave maze (Up-Up-Left-Left-Up-Right-Up)
Chat with lure thief [Mating]
Pier - Capt. Terry [Retire]

Go fishing use Golden Lure to capture the ugly fish.
Show Cpt. Terry the fish - Go to Lair

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