Summertime Saga Debbie's Walkthrough


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May 13, 2019
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Debbie's Walkthrough Requirements: Charisma (Every night go to the park and do the rap battles, guide for rap battles at the bottom)


Complete Intro - go to school
Kitchen - Debbie phone call
Entrance - Cutscene to start lawn quest
Consum-R - Buy Gas Can = $100

Garage - Use lawnmower
Basement - Cutscene
Sleep -> Entrance - Mafia cutscene
Outside House - Debbie and Mrs J cutscene

Entrance - Cutscene to start pipe quest
Shower - Cutscene
Basement - Turn off water valve
Consum-R - Buy Wrench = $50
Shower - Complete quest
Peek on Debbie in shower - may need to wait a few days until she is in there

Outside - Mafia cutscene 2
Entrance - Help with vacuum [Let Me Help]
Kitchen - Help with dishes [Let Me Help]
Basement - Help with laundry [Let Me Help]
Debbie's Bedroom - Take lotion from dresser

Basement - [Help Her] Lotion cutscene (Unlocks Lotion option with Debbie)
Debbie's Bedroom - Take panties from dresser and lie on bed
Entrance evening - Invitation to watch TV
Living room - Watch TV with Debbie
Entrance - Invitation to go to mall [Yes]

Garage - Get in car
Cupid - Get necklace from stand, talk to Debbie, go into dressing room (Unlocks Jerking off to Debbie on bed)
Sleep - Dream of Debbie
Entrance -> Living Room -> Debbie's Bedroom - Peek on Debbie
Sleep - Wet dream of Debbie
Kitchen - Kissing practice [Kissing] -> [Can you teach me?] Charisma of 5 required, rap battles at night in park (Unlocks Kissing option with Debbie)
Peek on Debbie in shower - [Go In] may need to wait a few days until she is in there
Entrance - Cutscene to start car quest
Garage - Check car

Kitchen - Tell Debbie (Unlocks car dealership)
Car Dealership - [Make an Insurance Claim] -> [DTFM0M] -> [Convince Her] Charisma of 7 required, rap battles at night in park
Outside House - Cutscene

Debbie's Bedroom - [I Can't Help It!] -> [I Like You]
Sleep - Cutscene of Debbie jerking it
Outside - Mafia cutscene (Unlocks Showering with Debbie)
Hallway evening - Cutscene (Unlocks Sleeping with Debbie)
Sleep in Debbie's bed

Entrance evening -> Kitchen - Cutscene Debbie and Diane
Living Room - Movie with Debbie
Sleep - Cutscene with Debbie sucking it
Sleep -> Backyard - Slinky Twins skinny dipping
Shower - Get towel

Dining room - Cutscene fingering Debbie
Sleep - First time with Debbie
Sleep again -> Bedroom - Read note
Debbie's Bedroom - Take laundry basket
Basement - Laundry sex

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