Summertime Saga Miss Tori Okita Walkthrough

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May 13, 2019
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Miss Tori Okita Complete Walkthrough

1) Complete first class with her

Max out your intellect before proceeding

2) Talk to Okita->Go to Smith's office in the afternoon->look inside desk->take note->go to Okita's office->type 6219->take glasses->labcoat->blueprints->go back to chem class

3) Next Day->Talk to Okita->Talk to Judith->Glasses->park(afternoon)->Judith->Judith's Locker(Need the master key)->Specs->Go to Okita->Go to her office

4) Next day->Talk to Okita->Talk to June(computer lab)->Talk to Erik->Master Blaster->Tree House->Controller->June->Okita->Go to Okita's Office

5) Next Day->Talk to Okita->go to chem class->Okita=>Smith's Office(Afternoon)->Annie->Annie(Need Charisma)->Dustbin->Mall->Consum-R->Shopkeeper->Chiken Stock->Forest(Night)->Mushroom->Waterfall->Frog->Cave->Flower

6) Next Day->Okita->Okita's Office(night)->Blue Serum->Flower->Napkin->Chiken Stock->Red Serum->remaining Things

7) Next Day->Teacher's Lounge->Coffee->Okita

8) Wait for 4-5 Days

9) Talk to Okita->Okita's office(Night)


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