Summertime Saga ROXXY Walkthrough


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May 13, 2019
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ROXXY Walkthrough Proceed with the first day tutorial then go to sleep and

Start the next day and proceed to second floor of the school, which is very top floor.

On the next day go to girl locker room and you should get prompt to eavesdrop on Roxxy and friends

You should be able to trigger quest with bisette and roxxy for help with homework. proceed to go to her house. Meet clyde and Crystal. Then go to your house and work on studying session.

If you upped your STR then you must do GYM pushup and afterward you will go to boy locker room which you must have 6 CHR, And proceed with the cutscene

Go to School next day and you should get scene with eve/kevin talking about fight at basketball court. Go there.

Then you will be able to talk to roxxy in bisette classroom and get homework prompt afterward you could either get lollipop or give homework from locker.

Wait a day later, for you to get prompt when entering school to get cheerleading outfit, so go to trailer park and go inside then go outside to the tractor and win at shooting minigame, then go to his house and click on pig.

Wait next day and you will go in bisette classroom and you will get prompt to go to basketball court and see roxxy fighting with dexter. Afterward go talk to roxxy about getting beers. Talk to Erik about getting beers either at cafeteria or his house, then talk to roxxy. Go to the pier and talk to Capt terry, he will proceed to tell you to get picture. then go talk to Roxxy. then go to the mall second floor and click on the photobooth. get pictures and go to capt terry.

Wait 2 day and go to school where you will get prompt to go to trailer and click on the trailer door to find a paper, then talk to clyde. After that go to your house after that, go to Police station and talk to Earl. Then go downstair to talk to Crystal in Jail cell, then go to trailer and talk to clyde, do Crystal jail then what about roxxy, so he will tell you that he will sell meth. so go to school tomorrow, then talk to roxxy in classroom, then go to trailer park and talk to clyde. to proceed with meth dealing. go to trailer at night. talk to the man on the left side of the park. then talk to roxxy at school.

Wait few day after school (3 day should be optimum) then talk to roxxy at bisette classroom, you will get invited to go to beach party, afterward talk to missy and becca at basketball courtyard to get information about becca drink for the beach party. Go to terry at the dock and get the drink. On Saturday Afternoon go to the beach and play the spin the bottles.

Wait next day and go to bisette classroom to prompt cutscene, so wait till night and go to SMITH HOUSE which is RIGHT BY IT. LOOK TO THE LEFT OF THE SCHOOL. then go inside go upstair and go through the middle door, and click on the portait above the desk to get the key then click on the desk to get the exam paper. Next day you give the exam to roxxy.

Go to school and you should get prompt to go to audiotorum, go there.

On Saturday Afternoon, go to the beach to go to bikini contest, talk to terry, then find roxxy and friends and talk to them, then go to shower container and help roxxy find bikini for her. it is on the stage far right corner. get that and go to roxxy, then go to lifeguard station, you should see container of oil and go back to roxxy.

go to school, and do the push up with dexter.

Go to the school next day and talk to roxxy, then go to roxxy trailer in afternoon then go in roxxy

Go to the school next day and attemp the basketball minigame.

Next day beat up dexter, make sure you maxed out DEX for easier fight and have over 5 STR to get 3 punch knock out. then go to Roxxy trailer at nighttime

Afterward go to school the next day. and get scene in boy’s locker room. Then you should be able to go to the beach at nighttime to play spin the bottles, there is total of 4 scene, which land on the character of the final spin the bottle.

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