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Nov 13, 2018
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Bisette French Dictionary- go to library and talk to librarian and find it in the bookshelf talk to bisette then talk to judith to get the book and go to computer lab and try to print. then talk to june (must have i think 3 or 4 strength) and get the printer working. then give the paper back to judith and talk to bisette. stay at school for tutoring

French Food- again librarian and talk to her and she will tell you to get 3 books, talk to erik and go to his room during morning or whatever, and click on the bed and the book will be there, talk to the latinas in left hallway during school. then find dexter and talk to him about the book. (you must have master key, if not then go to smith office during afternoon) go to his locker and grab the book. go back to library and talk to librarian and get the book. go home and do your homework and turn it in the next day. enjoy the tutoring

French Poem- bisette will tell you to write poem, and you should go to library during the afternoon to trigger mia cutscene, then go to the sex room and pick up the book. then do your homework at home, then give it to the teacher the next day. Roxxy will be a bitch and bisette will tell you to talk to her in her office.

Roxxy french test- Bisette want you to have roxxy in for the testing otherwise she would be fired for bringing the national grading of student. So you must talk to Roxxy and she will be bitchy then you offer to help find her pom pom, go to coach office during the afternoon. (must have master key) the pom pom is in the locker. give it to her then tell her that you have Jenny (default tenant name) to help roxxy out. go to house and ask her first then report back to roxxy. then next day go downstair or do it in the afternoon and cutscene will pop up. then take the test as normal. recieve the nice reward at nighttime in bisette office

Dewitt Flute- talk to erik, then go to raven peak and click on the branch then go to your house garage and click on the drill and go to workbench. and go to class and do those stuff.

Talent show finding- Dewitt will talk about talent show and the like, and MC of course is roped in and have to find 2 other people to do the talent show. So first to get Eve and tell her that talent show stuff. and you will tell her that Erik have the karoke machine, so go to erik house at nighttime and do the musical notes. You must click the notes at the line. when you finished eve will join. Now you must go to Kevin at the cafeteria during afternoon and you will get quest for guitar, talk to erik about it and you must get the boards from treehouse area, then go to Diane shed and grab the paint. (might be buggy for some people till it get fixed ) then go to garage and do those workbench modification. then go to basement and get guitar. now back to kevin and you got him in the team. Do the classes till you get the audiotorium trashed message from eve.

Audiotorium- after some cutscene with eve, follow the trail to smith office, then look. then do the park stuff at night. get quest for Beers. talk to erik for beers then take the beers from basement and go to audiotorium during afternoon. do those stuff and talk to dewitt and smith being a cunt yet again.

Adhesive- go talk to erik at his house at night or afternoon cafeteria, then go to school at night and follow the robed people then go to smith office. then leave. go to school as usual and cutscene, then go to smith office and see the sticky people. go to audiotorium and do the stuff and musical note (must land the note at the line) and do those stuff


Office break in- talk to okita to trigger office. go to smith office during afternoon and get the code and now go to her office and type it in (6219) and talk to cute Konti. pick up the blueprint and lab coats and glass. give to okita

Glasses stuff- talk to okita and she will tell you to find specific glass. then you must talk to judith. then do stuff with her then go to her locker and get the glasses and go to okita and you must have 5 INT to complete it (increase it by playing game) then do the glasses and get a nice view.

Vibrating panties- talk to okita and she will tell you to get some stuff such as rumble thing. and you will talk to June and she will tell you to find a controller that have rumble thing. and now you must talk to erik. then go to treehouse and get it and give to june. then go to okita and you must have 8 INT and do the panties. talk to okita the next few day and she will hand you remote and have fun.

Mind wipe serum- okita will tell you to collect few things such as toad, mushrooms, flower, clear stock liquid (store), and smith DNA (smith office). majority of that is located in the forest and cave in the forest. get that and report to okita and she will tell you to go to her office at night. do so then she will tell you there 2 tonics you must make Red one for okita and Blue tonic for smith. You Must follow the direction otherwise you would fail. then okita will drink the tonic meant for her. and you must go to teacher lounge in the morning and put it there and talk to okita. and enjoy the stuff with okita


do the stuff ross tell you first time

Paint stuff with mia you must go find eve and get her art pad talk to her during afternoon in school right hallway and get backpack and talk to chad and he will tell you to get her drawing from her locker. and get the art pad from him and go to ross, then she will tell you to find magazine. go to library and she will tell you not there. However go to Teacher lounge, Basketball Courtyard, and Talk to kevin in cafeteria Afternoon. and go back to Ross and do those stuff.

talk to ross and get hint for nude modeling and easel breaking down. Now go to Treehouse and get the woods, then go to workbench. Now take that to Ross. then you will get that notifcation about nude modeler not working. now go to Judith and do those stuff. and come back and draw.

go to church and get linen for the canvas and talk to ross and get the paints for painting. Now talk to Eve first then talk to sister of eve, and she will make you carry the stuff (must have about 7 strenght). then get the paint and go to ross and do the paint minigame and now you paint the picture and wait at least a week and get cutscene with ross and mystery person. and enjoy the scene with ross at night in her office.

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