Summoners War: Chronicles to be released in 170 countries worldwide Chronicles will prove the power of the IP to the world

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Com2uS (CEO Jaejoon Song, Joohwan Lee) announced that the summon RPG “Summoners War; Chronicles (hereinafter Chronicles)” will be released in 170 countries worldwide on March 9th (KST). Previously released in Korea and North America, “Chronicles” ventures into the global market to continue the legacy of “Summoners War: Sky Arena (hereinafter Summoners War)”.

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  • Com2uS’ summon RPG “Summoners War: Chronicles” begins service in 170 countries worldwide including Europe, South America, Asia, etc.
  • 14 languages and PC-mobile cross play supported to improve accessibility and target the global market
  • Inherits the “Summoners War” gameplay and enters the global market with manual battle and a gripping story
  • “Chronicles will join the 100 billion (KRW) sales club in 2023 and prove the power of the Summoners War IP to the world”
“Chronicles” is a game based on the IP (intellectual property) of “Summoners War”, a global hit that achieved 180 million downloads worldwide. Since its release in Korea last August, it topped the games charts on Google Play and App Store. In November, it was released in North America, highly acclaimed on Steam and captivating fans of the IP as well as the genre.

“Chronicles” will be available on mobile stores such as Google Play and App Store, as well as PC gaming platforms such Com2uS’ Hive Crossplay, Google Play Games, and Steam as it expands its service regions to 170 countries worldwide including Europe, South America, Asia, etc. 14 languages including English, German, French, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc. will be supported to target fans across the globe.

Global launch trailer video:

“Chronicles” has been acclaimed for the flawless implementation of Summoners War’s strategic aspects and intricate deck composition. In particular, the unique gameplay of Chronicles, such as manual battles and a gripping story will appeal to global gamers in Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia, and other regions of the East and West.

The game came under the spotlight globally even before its release. The lead producer of Chronicles reached out to visitors on-site at the “Taipei Game Show 2023” that took place in Taiwan in early February. In addition, the beta testing hosted in Thailand last April was joined by famous influencers and exciting offline events, which further drew the interest of local users. Localized marketing promotions were launched in Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and various parts of Europe to maintain the reputation of the globally popular “Summoners War” IP.

Once the game makes a successful debut on the global stage, blockchain technology will be implemented in July, targeting the global market as a P2O game where users can own the values generated in-game.

Jihoon Han, the Head of Game Business Group, revealed his ambitions. He commented, “Chronicles will finally begin global service to fans across the world.” “We will do our best to achieve the target of joining the 100 billion (KRW) sales club in 2023.” “Chronicles will once again prove the power of the Summoners War IP”.

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