Summoners War: Lost Centuria by Com2uS will release for iOS and Android on April

Summoners War: Lost Centuria, the awaited sequel to Summoners War: Sky Arena, has been given an official release date by Com2uS. This latest title in the franchise's pantheon, developed by GAMEVIL, will feature new and popular monsters as well as an all-new combat system for you to try out. This would be a real-time, card-based system that rewards intelligent team formation. Along with smart play and proper pacing, anyone who can combine all three will almost certainly win, regardless of who you want to play as.

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Game Overview:
  • The game will now concentrate mostly on smart team composition in the recently introduced structure, as the game seeks a rational matchmaking system as well as gameplay focused on stellar timing and strategy.
  • The game's innovative combat system allows players to choose from eight powerful monsters, each with a different amount of mana consumption. To beat the opponent, players must carefully pick their cards. To create a balanced mix, choose from 12 different Rune sets and three different types of Skill Stones.
  • Form a squad, make allies from all over the world, and share cards to help each other upgrade monsters. Players may also obtain a mythical beast by grinding for combat prizes.
  • Before going to battle, always choose a well-balanced deck. The monster's mana consumption isn't a huge deal if you're armed for a new approach. On the other side, since each monster has a unique role on the battlefield, players should change his/her squad structure accordingly.
  • Only in this latest installment will players can be able to see the all-new combat and gameplay systems. Looking at the publisher's comment as well as the game's visuals and plot, the game seems to be very exciting. See the trailer for the new game above to get a better sense of what to expect when it comes out.
Lost Centuria fuses beloved monsters and lore from Summoners War: Sky Arena with an entirely new gameplay system that pushes players into intense RTS scenarios against opponents. Armed with a custom deck of cards, competitors enter strategic battles that center on summoning eight monsters each that are worth varying amounts of Mana. Cards have varying costs, but these don't necessarily portray a Monster's usefulness in battle. Regardless of Mana cost, all cards can have a tenacious impact when they are used with an efficient strategy. It's up to players to build a balanced deck and decide at the moment how to conquer their opponents in real-time.

In 2020, Summoners War: Lost Centuria turned heads in a global beta test involving over 200,000 players from around the world, who loved the game's strategic and thrilling combat. With several battle systems including Counter and Summoner Spells, players can expect deeply satisfying tactical matches that remain exciting and unpredictable until the very last move. With the global pre-registration for Lost Centuria surpassing 5 million, Com2uS is excited to get it into the hands of players worldwide and looks forward to seeing how players react to this new take on a well-beloved franchise.

More information about the game can be found below, as well as a sneak peek trailer. The game will be released on iOS and Android on April 29th, 2021.

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