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Oct 5, 2019
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Superhero at the present time is one of them. The phenomenon is being most noticeable. Because basically, the most popular and highest-grossing movies belong to these products. It can be said that every game with superhero characters will get attention. Super City (Superhero Sim) is a famous game and has achieved over 1 million downloads

Just by looking at the game once, you can see that it is more special than most popular products today because its graphics do not follow common sense but go their own way. In my opinion, it is not beautiful at all, but if you look closely, it will start to realize that it is beautiful. All details of the character are meticulously and accurately designed. Each character will have unique characteristics and colors that accurately reflect what was famous. Just look at it immediately recognize your idol
The style is a little different, but the characters work exceptionally well and are smooth and fun. Each character will be able to control a lot of different combos themselves, all of which suit each character's personality. All the most popular characters are in Super Cities (Super Heroes), so you can choose and play. Heroes from Marvel and DC will gather in one of the most special cities in the world where most people own power. Even the wicked will be present in the most chaotic battle in history. Who will be the winner?

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