Super Mario Bros. Movie is expected to reach the $1 Billion mark at the global box office by next week or so

Dubbed as the biggest video game adaptation ever, Nintendo and Illumination's animated movie ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ was estimated before to reach $830+ million (₱46+ billion) at the global cinemas. It even received previous reports that it will not only reach the $1 billion mark but will even surpass it as the movie is still a blockbuster in the cinemas worldwide.

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With movie websites already claiming the movie as the first ever movie of this year that will pass the $1 billion mark, it seems that the movie will definitely do it because at only its second week, the movie has already surpassed the $700 million mark (₱39+ billion).

This record does not even include the numbers from other markets like Japan since the movie will only be available at those on a later part of this month.

As expected, the movie broke even more records last weekend, recording a $58 million (₱3+ billion) "or higher" at the global box offices. Naturally, movies in its third week can already see a decrease in earnings, however, the opposite was seen in ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’s third week. The record made it the "highest total ever" for an animated movie in its third weekend, also making it the "seventh highest" for any movie ever.

The ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ continues to break records. The movie is now recorded to have reached $871 million or ₱48+ billion at the box office. It is predicted to join the "billion-dollar club" within "the next week or so".

Around $434.33 million or ₱24.299 billion was generated from North America only while at the international box office, the movie has made about $437.5 million or ₱24.484 billion. The movie continues to be available and it will be released in other markets later this month. Stay tuned for further developments!