Super Mecha Champions Brings a New Season of Skin Collections

Super Mecha Champions, a meticulously crafted anime-inspired mecha battle royale mobile developed by NetEase Games, was launched a major update on April 16, S4 Premium Lucky House went online, bringing brand new skins that are filled with the allure of spring. Let's take a closer look!

A Brand-New Season Brings a New Season of Skin Collections

Since S4 went online, players have been clamoring for the new season collections. The newly introduced Lucky House presents the much-anticipated S4 collection of new exclusive limited-time skins, bringing a sweet clash of Japanese snacks and western desserts, as well as an awesome new Mecha!

Lori dresses in a traditional S-level Wagashi set, a pink kimono decorated with sakura prints and carries a cute goldfish bag and enjoys tasting Japanese snacks and hard-earned leisure time.

Mila is wearing a glamorous S-level Candy Party set in candy pink and mint green. The refreshing color clash brings out her energetic spirit and lovable character, just like the taste of western dessert, leisurely and beautiful.

【SS-level skin for Hurricane - Sonic Rocket】

The most dazzling of all is the new SS-level skin for Hurricane - Sonic Rocket. The glowing red structure dash through the sky like a blazing flame, serving as the beacon of victory above Mecha City.

Sonic Rocket has made her debut, and she's primed and ready to face the strong wind! Possessing strong mobility and extraordinary firepower, she looks right into the eyes of danger and welcomes any challenges! Who will set off a storm in Mecha City?

"Charge!" The Sonic Rocket takes charge with the glory of the squad on her back as she enters the Grand Speed arena. Becoming the champion is merely the beginning. She will break through the sky barrier and soar through the stratosphere.

In addition, a new S-level Firefox skin "Bodhidharma" and an S-level Gabriel skin "Marionette" are also available.

Awarded the Most Creative Game of the Year presented by Google Thailand/Indonesia. Each update of Super Mecha Champion was met with raving reviews. Come and experience the new changes in Mecha City! SMC League will continue to bring you exciting new activities, new Mechas, new gameplay, and new characters to the game. Please stay tuned to all future updates!

GUANGZHOU, China April 23rd, 2020

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