Super Mecha Champions Launches the all-new Pilot Bond System along with new Mecha, Neutron Star!

Guild of Guardians
"Super Mecha Champions," developed by NetEase Games, is a Mecha-themed competitive mobile game. SMC has been recommended in the App stores across hundreds of countries worldwide. Its outstanding quality and exciting gaming experience made the game Google Play's Best Innovative Game of 2019 in Thailand and Indonesia. Today, a new major update is officially dropped. Two brand new systems, the Pilot Bond System and the Bounty System will be opened and a brand-new mecha -- Neutron Star will join the battlefield. Let's take a closer look at all these new features!

Neutron Star, the Defender of Justice Descends

Neutron Star is the combat Mecha used by an elite police force, which is meant to maintain peace and guard justice in its designated urban area of Mecha City.

Neutron Star is small in size but big in power. It possesses high mobility and extreme combat capabilities. Neutron Star is the embodiment of justice standing tall in the concrete jungle.

Battle, Grow, and Bond with Pilots

The new Pilot Bond System allows players to increase their bonds with pilots in two ways. On one hand, keep using a pilot in battle will gradually increase and upgraded their bond levels. On the other hand, players can increase bonds by sending bond items to their favorite pilots. Different types of bond items will have different effects on each pilot.

The new Bounty System also helps players to obtain plenty of bond items. Bounty missions will be refreshed daily, and players can complete these missions to earn rewards. Send love and thoughtful gifts to all our pilots!

Mix and Match! Customize Talent Sets to Turn the Tides!

After increasing a pilot's bond level, system rewards such as skill books will become available. Players can use skill books to increase pilots' talent levels, increasing combat capability in turn.

Pilot Talents are a set of passive skills linked to each pilot. When a player selects a pilot with equipped Talents, the Talents will automatically take effect and last for the entire battle.

Each pilot has two different sets of Talents. Upgrade these Talents to fight for the path to victory. The Talent system will be expanded and optimized in future updates. Please stay tuned!

Here are all the new features for this update. SMC League will continue to bring players exciting new activities, new Mechas, new game modes, and new characters. Please stay tuned to all future updates!

GUANGZHOU, China - April 30th, 2020

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