Super Mecha Champions Users Binding Guide


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Aug 7, 2018
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Riko will teach you how to link users. If you have any doubts about account link and unlink, please check them carefully.

The main functions of User Center

  1. Bind Account : Link your account
  2. Switching Accounts
  3. Start a New Game
Functional description of bind your account.
  • Select the link mode you want to use and click on [Bind]. Follow the instructions of the screen to complete the link.

  • If you already have a social account link, the account name will be displayed in the red box and "Bound" will be displayed.
  • The binding function can bind multiple social accounts at the same time. No matter which social account you log in with, you will login to the same game account.

As long as FB or Twitter is link to SMC, data can be exchanged between iOS and Android. In the future, when you change your mobile phone, the game account will not be lost.

Functional description of switching Accounts

  • Select your login account

  • If not Bind, the system will advise players to bind first, if not Bind and determine to switch accounts, then you need to enter [Confirm], in order to complete the function of switching accounts.

Functional Description for Start a New Game

  • After clicking on the start of a new game, if it is not currently Bind, the player will be asked to confirm again. Please enter [Confirm], you can start to create a new account and game progress. It is suggested that the player should bind the account at this time to facilitate the subsequent recovery of the account.