Super Mecha Champions


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Aug 7, 2018
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Welcome to Alpha, the City of Mechas, for the event that the whole world will be watching on May 28, 2019, 10:00(UTC+8): Super Mecha Champions! To celebrate SMC, we have the following for all you participants:

I. "Mechas assemble!" Pre-reg Rewards

Duration: Permanent
Description: When we hit 200K pre-reg on the Official Website, all players will get a free pre-reg pack in "Events" after creating a character!

1. New Mecha: Former Ace Mecha, the knight with great sword --Arthur!
2. Lottery Ticket x3, Primary Proficiency Bonus Card x2, plus massive bonus Alpha Token and Coins.

II. Novice 7-Day Sign-in

Duration: Permanent
Description: First-time SMC players will get a free gift in "Events" every day for the first 7 days they sign in!

1. New Mecha: Heavy-armored war machine with rage--Hotsteel!
2. Epic Hotsteel appearance,"Meteorite"!
3. Massive bonus Alpha Token and Coins.

III. First Purchase Reward: Joanna to the Rescue!

Duration: Permanent
Description: Get valuable prizes after your first purchase!

1. New Character: The shining star of tomorrow--Joanna!
2. Massive bonus Alpha Token and EXP Bonus Card!

IV. Judgment Cometh

Duration: Permanent
Description: Judgment is here! The sniper in the shadow--Gabriel, at 90% off!
Reward: Use your 90% off discount (Coins x2000) to recruit the new Mecha, Gabriel!

V. Alpha Advancement Program

Duration: Permanent
Description: All first-time SMC players have the opportunity to spend Energy Crystal x480 to get Energy Crystal x4800 worth of Alpha Advancement Program, with 50 Super Elite Rewards in all!

1. Rare Joanna appearance - Pinkheart!
2. Legendary Andromeda appearance - Carnival Waltz!
3. Massive EXP, Alpha Token, firearm appearances, and other valuable prizes!

VI. Super Value Monthly Pass

Duration: Permanent
Description: Players can buy Monthly Pass at a super discount and save over 900%!
1. Exclusive Monthly Pass Zodiac Avatar Frame! Collect all 12 Zodiac frames to win exclusive Annual Frame.
2. First-time Monthly Pass purchase will gain, in addition to the regular Energy Crystal x300, bonus Energy Crystal x300!
3. Monthly Pass will reward you with these daily perks: Energy Crystal10+ Alpha Token50, 10% character EXP bonus, and 50% off for your first Dazzling Lucky Ball every day!

VII. Riko's Daily Surprise

Duration: Permanent
Description: SMC's star host Riko has a daily surprise for every player. Go visit Riko and check it out!
1. Get a free Surprise Pack every day for Alpha Token10.
2. One free daily Lucky Ball.

VIII. Daily Sign-in

Duration: Permanent
Description: Every player in the SMC can sign in and get valuable prizes every day.
Rewards: Massive Alpha Token, Coins, and Lottery Crate for signing in 7 days successively!
Here your dreams come true! SMC players from all over the world, start the exciting journey in your magnificent Mecha!
High alert! Mechas assemble!