Supercell’s Clash Mini has entered its Closed Beta Test on selected countries, Updates for Clash Quest and Clash Hero has also been released

Supercell has announced that Clash Mini has entered its closed beta test.


The game will be available in Canada and the Nordic region specifically in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. The game features miniature versions of the characters from the Clash universe. In Clash Mini, players have to compete in a board game and win through efficiently using resources as well as planning attacks.

Supercell assured the players that they will release more content throughout the beta test and will listen to the feedback.

The company also provided an update for their two games that are still in development which are Clash Heroes and Clash Quest. These games as well as Clash Mini were announced back in April this year and it seems that the launch is not far off.

One of the most anticipated games out of the three from the Clash universe, Clash Heroes which is created using Unreal Engine. Of course, players will need to control a hero to play the game. It has a top-down view and will take the players in unknown lands in the Clash universe while completing various quests.

The company said that while it was still in early development, Clash Heroes has completed its closed pre-alpha test for a few hundred players. Feedback from the test is being used to create new features and also to improve the game as said by Supercell.

Clash Quest is the only game released out of the three. The game’s alpha was released in April and has continuously been getting regular updates. Supercell has also revealed that there are a lot of upcoming features for the game like the Magic Bow Defense that can shoot arrows through multiple troops.

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