Supercell's reveals new Quest System, Gear updates and more!

Guild of Guardians
Supercell's monster hunting game has unveiled its first Key Portal Insights (KPI), which include updated equipment, maps, quest systems, and more. The developers stated in the KPI that they have gotten off to a great start and have taken on the year's most difficult milestone, "Early Game and Quest Systems."


The following are some of the changes made in the game:

Tutorial Revamp​

One of the main criticisms leveled at the corporation was that there was no clear concept to the game, leaving many players puzzled as to why they were chasing monsters. As a result, the tutorial was completely redesigned to provide players a better introduction to the universe while also adding more context and story to the game. The tutorial's current goal is to introduce the game's premise and core plot early on.

As a result, the team redesigned the tutorial to give users a deeper understanding of the universe of and to provide a narrative that explains "why you're hunting monsters."


New Quest System​

The game was also updated with a new quest and job system. All primary jobs from the founders can now be accessed via the phone, which also changes how jobs appear graphically and how players access them. Talking with them will also provide tidbits of the narrative.


Revamped Map Design​

As long as they are nearby, players may now see the job objectives on the map. Players would no longer have to stray aimlessly in search of a specific goal, which was an issue during the beta test. The mini-map is also affected by this alteration.


Gears Visual Update​

This update features redesigned designs for all gears, some of which are displayed below.



Finally, the developers gave additional details about the team's experiences throughout the previous month. Following the first-time users' experiences that they gathered, the team took some time after the closed beta to make corrections and enhancements to the game. To make sure many of the new features were implemented correctly, the team had to have lengthy discussions or take a step back.

The team stated what they had improved about the story: "Building richer stories into our game was a new adventure for us. We realized we needed to know more about THE story to make it work. So, we decided to step back to ensure it all fit together.”

With that, the first KPI comes to an end. The creators also mentioned that the artists have been working to enhance the maps, monsters, and skins. They have also disclosed that skins will be the subject of the upcoming milestone announcement.