Supercell's multiplayer game Squad Busters launches closed beta in Canada

Supercell has apparently been developing the mobile game Squad Busters for some time, and recently, the official announcement has been made. The Closed Beta test for Squad Busters, which will begin on February 6, 2023 in Canada, is anticipated to look quite similar to Brawl Stars and have several game modes.


Meet your favorite Supercell characters in Squad Busters!​

For Supercell fans, playing with characters from different games they adore has long been a dream come true. Battles between players and their favorite characters, such as PEKKA, Barbarian King, El Primo, Colt, Shelly, Wizard, Bandit, Night Witch, Hog Rider, etc., will apparently be possible.

It is estimated that there will be more than 125 characters in the game for the gamers to choose from. Additionally, the game will have spells like Electro Spirit, Heal, and others. It is also assumed that the game would contain character classes given the genre.

Game modes​

The gameplay appears to be pretty similar to Brawl Stars in the 30-second Supercell trailer, where players can join forces to compete in 3v3 or 5v5 bouts. Squad Busters will have clans, emotes, ranked mode, skins, and other features like most other Supercell games. Chests, like in Brawl Stars and Clash Royale, are anticipated to be a part of the rewards system. The shooting mechanics appear to be similar to Boom Beach Frontlines in that players move the joystick to target, aim, and assault.


Squad Busters Closed Beta Test​

The game's closed beta test will only be available in Canada between February 6-16, 2023. By enrolling on the game's official website, you can apply to take part in the closed beta for Squad Busters. However, there is no assurance that you will get a spot because there will only be a small number of people permitted in. Furthermore, they stated that the CBT would only be available on Android and would aid Supercell in validating the gameplay and player growth. After the test is finished, all the data will be reset.

If you were unable to participate in this first closed beta, don't worry; according to Supercell, additional testing will be conducted in the future. You'll just have to keep an eye out for when information about that is released.