Superhero Brawl Game Marvel: Realm Of Champions Is Coming This 2020

Arm yourself once more Marvel fans because there is another superhero-based game that is looming on the horizon for Android and iOS this 2020. With a collaboration between Netmarble and KABAM, expect that Marvel: Realm of Champions will go to be a huge game lore-wise and feature-wise.

Marvel Realm Of Champions a.jpg

As obvious as its name goes, Realm of Champions features your fave Marvel heroes but they will be in a different guise as the game will let you customize them with gears and abilities thus, hinting that an RPG element will be a crucial key here.

Marvel Realm Of Champions b.png

The lore of the game is also pretty brand new as it revolves around a never heard universe called Battleworld (constructed by an evil Incredible Hulk called Maestro). In this world, waring Marvel Houses will clash with one another to gain total domination.

Marvel Realm Of Champions c.png

Each House links to certain Marvel heroes like the House of Iron for Iron Man and Spider-Guild by no other than Peter Parker himself. The gam further gives it a spin by adding new characters called Baron which serves as the head of each house. An example of these is Madame Web from the Spider-Guild.

Marvel Realm Of Champions d.jpg

Players will select their champion from these Houses before they dive into PVP and PVE action.

Although info says it as an online real-time action RPG that pits you with other players in various Marvel-inspired maps, there are still interesting details as to the gameplay of the Realm of Champions. It was in essence a 3v3 multiplayer battle brawl similar to popular titles like Brawl Star. Here you can go solo or co-op with your friends against other players.

Marvel Realm Of Champions e.png

However, there are character load-outs here where you groom you Marvel heroes from head to toe as well as what will be the combat expertise depending on their equipment, abilities, and weapons.

There is no information about whether it will F2P or will include some in-app purchase which is probably expected following the other games from Netmarble. No screenshots yet have been posted on the gameplay aspect but the gameplay trailer is already live and gaining much attraction and excitement to many.

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