Survival Game "Rust" to have its Console Edition in the Spring of this Year

As the popularity of Rust suddenly spiked thanks to some big Twitch streamers, the survival game is confirmed to have a Rust: Console Edition.


Because of the huge influx of players of Rust, Facepunch Studios deemed this as a great opportunity to rush the development of the game and produce new content. The game has new updates and content that helped maintain the huge player base, which will grow even bigger, since publisher Double Eleven and developer Facepunch Studios announced that there will be Rust: Console Edition coming this spring. Rust was first launched in December of 2013 in early access for PC via Steam and was followed by a full release in February of 2018.

Here is the overview of the Console Edition provided by Double Eleven:

Players looking for the ultimate competitive survival experience on console will be able to play online with up to 100 others when the game hits in a few months. Waking up on a mysterious post-apocalyptic island littered with dilapidated industrial monuments and probing scientists, it’s up to you to figure out how to keep yourself alive in a world where everything wants you dead.

In Rust, there is one goal above everything else: survive. Conquer thirst and hunger, battle the elements, create clothing and stay safe against hostile forces including other players, scientists, bears, wolves or even succumb to fire, drowning or radiation poisoning. A game without rules, Rust doesn’t tell its inhabitants what to do. Players are free to be deceptive and aggressive with intense player vs. player combat, raiding and looting, but there is potentially even more to be earned with a team of friendly players by your side. In the struggle for survival and supremacy, players can build tiny cabins in the woods to huge scrap metal fortresses in an attempt to stay safe, as well as craft a variety of weapons, bombs and traps.

Since Rust‘s initial launch into Steam Early Access in 2013, millions of players have populated its world and taken part in the ultimate social experiment, making it one of the most played games on Steam. The title has evolved from its earliest days as a primal-survival game to one that stands out among its competitors – featuring shockingly detailed worlds to explore and build in, filled with a variety of gameplay styles, weapons, crafts and above all else: combat.

Development and publishing of Rust for the PlayStation and Xbox consoles is being developed by UK-based Double Eleven, independent from the original PC version’s developer and publisher Facepunch.

Rust is not for the faint of heart: the game boasts a steep learning curve and a huge, killer community of players. Befriend them, kill them – the choice is yours. Players will start out alone with nothing but a rock and a torch, finding and learning blueprints to make new and higher-tier weapons, armor and defenses, building a growing arsenal to give you and your friends chances of survival. Rust will throw a barrage of challenges at you but players can fight back with craftable weapons starting with a rock in your hands, to a spear or bow, through to heavier artillery like assault rifles and rocket launchers.


While it is confirmed to be released later this year, an exact date is still on hold since the game is still in its early phase of development. However, there is a registration for a closed beta of the game starting today and is opened for interested players. The beta will start on March 29th for PS4 and Xbox One.


You can register here:, just scroll down and you'll see a section of the site where you'll need to fill-up boxes for information that the beta needed. Selected participants will get a confirmation email with instructions and will receive a key to access the game's download file. Keep in mind that the chosen players cannot record or share screenshots of the Beta test.

Though the beta is planned for PS4 and Xbox One, it can also be played on PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S thanks to backward compatibility. However, Facepunch Studios recommends for players to use last-generation consoles to avoid problems while playing the game.

A reminder from the company that the Rust: Console Edition will feature a cross-play on PlayStation and Xbox, however, the cross-play won't work between console players and the PC version.