Survival Mode Inspired by the Squid Game is now available in PUBG Mobile

It's only logical that Squid Game would want to partner with the world's most popular mobile battle royale game, given its global success. 'Red Light, Green Light,' a Squid Game favorite, was incorporated as a bonus event in Free Fire. It now looks to be coming to PUBG Mobile, albeit unlike Free Fire, this may be an official partnership.


Krafton has recently received a lot of great feedback from the player community as a result of their recent agreements. Arcane, Riot Games' League of Legends-inspired show, is now collaborating with the game. Netflix's most-watched series, Arcane, has already overtaken Squid Game.

The latest Mirror World event mode, which was published as part of the cooperation, has gamers delighted. It helps players to gain more kills and enhance their K/D ratio in each round. The original Squid Game Franchise, on the other hand, has been more popular, which may attract even more players to the collab.

The game would most likely be comparable to PUBG Mobile's well-known 'Red Light, Green Light' mode, according to rumors.

You'll need to enter Arcade Mode to get React: Survival, where you'll find the new match type. The purpose of React: Survival is fairly similar to the show's Red Light/Green Light. While the music is playing and the "Evil Rabbit" has its back to the players, players must travel as far as they can. All the while, attempting to cross the finish line.

Players must, however, cease advancing immediately; the music stops and Evil Rabbit turns around. If a player is caught, they will be killed. As a result, players must figure out the rabbit's movement pattern and reach the finish line before the timer runs out.

It may appear simple at first, but learning the patterns may be difficult. There are no mentions of any incentives associated with this new game style. There should, however, be something useful there.

Despite this, officials have yet to confirm anything, so remain tuned. According to YouTubers, the option will most likely be accessible on December 20 as a separate Arcade Mode in the game.