Survive Till Dawn - PUBG Mobile on TGB Zombie Guide to Victory


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May 12, 2019
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PUBG Mobile's latest event mode, Survive Till Dawn, puts you up against waves of Resident Evil 2 zombies over the span of two nights. Fortunately, Tencent Gaming Buddy's convenient controls make this game mode a lot more manageable and easier. Almost too easy, when you know what you're doing.

Become more than a survivor and be a zombie killing machine with this handy guide to take down 100+ zombies per game for maximum carnage.

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1. Scavenging for Good Equipment
Fending off zombies is much easier with the right weapons. Look for guns like the AKM, M762, or even an Mk47 Mutant. These guns deal more damage and are useful for taking down zombies faster.

Two other guns to consider that are exclusive to this mode is the Flamethrower and the M134 minigun. Both are powerful weapons for taking down groups of zombies but are harder to find and have longer reload times.

Other types of guns you may want to avoid using against zombies, in particular, are bolt-action snipers, shotguns (except the S12K at close range) and long reloading guns like the DP-28. If you still prefer these guns, use them as a secondary weapon choice.

You'll also want to look for Energy Drinks, Painkillers, and Adrenaline Syringes to boost your energy before the zombie waves begin.

2. Find a Suitable Location to Fight Zombies at Night
Fighting zombies in an open field at night may leave you vulnerable to enemy players if any are nearby. You also don't want to to be trapped in a building with multiple zeds knocking on your front door either (they'll just barge in anyway. So rude!).

Instead, choose a location just outside of a building or by a wall. This way, you have some cover if you need it without being trapped by the hordes heading your way. A good example is the apartment buildings across the street of the school.

3. Begin the Fight to Survive
Just before nightfall, use the Energy Drinks/Painkillers/Adrenaline Syringe you've collected to fill your energy meter up to at least half or more. The zombies themselves do little damage, but these hits add up quickly if there's many of them around attacking you at once.

Filling up your energy now will recover your HP slowly throughout the night. You may even be able to walk out at full health when it's all over.

Here are a few tips to survive each zombie wave.

Always aim for the head: Headshots do more damage to zombies.

Keep yourself moving: Jump away from charging zombies and use your mouse to rotate yourself around to fire back at them. The momentum of your jump will carry you away to maintain some distance while you fire at your incoming targets.

Take down threatening targets first: Some zombies will run faster than you can move and will almost always get a hit on you. In addition, acid spitting zombies can strike you from just about anywhere. Take them down first.
Take advantage of the "zombie pause": After a zombie executes an attack, they will freeze for a few seconds before attacking again. This gives you enough time to either kill them, reload your gun, or pick up ammo when you need it. Use this time wisely.

Playing with a team? Stay together: The more of your teammates that are still alive, the more zombies that will appear. Stick together and help each other out if one of you are struggling.

Heal up when you can: During the middle part of the second night, there is a brief pause in the action and no zombies will spawn for a little while. Use this time to heal yourself up if you need it.

4. Tyrant Battle Tactics
Battling the Tyrant may look like a tough challenge, but the same strategies used in killing the other zombies can apply to him too.

When the Tyrant charges towards you for an attack, jump away just before his attack animation starts.

When he pauses between attacks, fire at will with your weapon. Aim for the head to deal damage faster.

A single hit by the Tyrant takes a large chunk of your HP, so be sure to have full health before engaging in this fight.
If you have teammates, the Tyrant will target only one of you at a time. Use this to your advantage.

The Tyrant's location will be on the map, so stay alert for other players spotting you.

5. Aftermath
After the first and second night, the rest of the game will play itself out like a normal match. From here you can switch to any weapons you're more comfortable with.

Conclusion: Become the Zombie Hunter and Win

Have any tips for destroying zombies? What's your highest zombie kill count on Tencent Gaming Buddy? Leave a comment and tell us about it.