Sword Art Online Independent Watches to be released in 2 different variants

New Sword Art Online timepieces under the Independent brand of Citizen Watch will be available from Arma Bianca, a company that consists of designers and engineers that creates anime goods. There will be two variations of the watches available. The Independent Watches are available for pre-order right now for 38,500 Japanese yen (PHP 14,000), tax included.


Eugeo and Kirito will be the models for one of the watches. Asuna and Yuuki will serve as inspiration for the other. On the rear and the packaging box of both watches, there will be English quotes from the characters. A solar-charged battery that can last up to eight months will power each watch. Preorders are also available on the Amnibus website for residents of countries other than Japan. They can proceed to the shopping page and add the products to the Buyee widget after clicking the orange pre-order button.

Below are some snapshots of both variants of the watches:



More high-end, ridiculously priced items has been added to the Sword Art Online brand. A gigantic 1/4 scale figurine of Asuna in her "Stacia, Goddess of Creation" look was published by Genco in July 2023, retailing at an incredible 132,000 yen (PHP 48,600).

The Sword Art Online Independent watch pre-order period ends on December 20, 2023. The goods will be shipped by Arma Bianca in mid-July 2024.