Take care of Anya through this Spy x Family Tamagotchi which will be released in December 2022

Being a spy or assassin is a tough work for both Loid and Yor Forger, but add to that of being a parent to Anya, that is on another level of hard work. For fans of Spy x Family, Anya’s cuteness is out of this world and evokes the want of taking care of her.

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Now made possible, fans can avail Anya Tamagotchi that will be released in December 2022. The Tamagotchi nano can be purchased in toy stores, dollar stores, and the like in Japan. It will also be available online. Anya Tamagotchi is priced at 2,530 JPY (around $19.70 or PHP 1,041.24).

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The Spy x Family Tamagotchi lets you take care of Anya in her school uniform. More outfits will be unlocked the more you take care of her. There are also some exclusive outfits that will only appear in the Tamagotchi, which will have two versions that will be released. The other is a green one that took inspiration from Loid and Yor while the pink and black is meant for Anya.

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There are three types of mini games available in the Tamagotchi. There’s a dodgeball game, a word-matching game, and the other is still unknown. The results of these mini games will affect the development of Anya. You can also give Anya her beloved peanuts as snacks. Pay attention to Anya so that she won’t get sulky and run away.

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The Spy x Family Anya Tamagotchi will be released in Japan on December 17, 2022.

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