Take Flight In Gorgeous 3D MMORPG MU Origin 3

Pre-registration is now live for MU Origin 3, the expansive free-to-play MMORPG from FingerFun, ahead of the game’s full release on May 26 for iOS and Android.


Pre-registrations for MU Origin 3 are open now, and all who pre-register will receive a cache of handy in-game items

Those who register between now and launch will earn a robust selection of rewards, including the unique Sound of Waves avatar frame, an exclusive title, and a wide range of in-game currency, including Blessed Gems, Spirit Feathers, and Gold. Players who log in for two consecutive days starting on May 26 will also receive the limited hip-hop fashion outfit for their character.


MU Origin 3 is a bold reimagining of the classic MU franchise, one that frees itself from the traditional 2.5D perspective and soars into full, gorgeous 3D visuals in a vast world spanning over 5 million square meters. Pursuing foes above the clouds, explore the highest tips of the Glacial Peaks, scour the ocean’s hiddenmost depths for treasure, and do it all at up to 120fps. FingerFun built MU Origin 3 using Unreal Engine 4, making the game’s signature free flight combat possible and allowing for realistically rendered textures on clothing and armor.


Long ago in MU, the creator Utas sacrificed himself and was reincarnated in many different people throughout history. These heroes helped bring peace and order to the world, but the devil’s soul, hidden in the Kalima Temple of Giants, grew restless. Players must travel across the grand land of MU and stop the resurrection of the Demon God Sagon before the world is plunged into chaos.


If treasure, companions, and power is what you’re looking for, then MU ORIGIN 3 is the place for you. Here, players can also engage in trading, exchanging rare, high-value items or sell limited-time rewards at the auction to benefit their entire alliance.

There are three major job classes in the game with six branches in total; each job has its own unique set of skills and abilities.
  • Swordsman: The king of melee combat who excels in both offense and defense, the swordsman is capable of shredding enemy defenses while holding their own in battle.
  • Mage: Mages are masters of the elements that compose the world, wielding dazzling spells and raining down ruin on their foes.
  • Archer: These highly agile fighters can survive in any situation, but one of their strongest contributions in combat is the support they offer other party members.

Whatever fantasy you envision for yourself in, the sky is truly the limit in MU ORIGIN 3. Pre-register now on the Google Play Store or App Store at: MU Origin 3 Pre-Registration

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