Take Hold of Your Destiny and Escape from Despair. Identity V X the Promised Neverland Crossover Project Is in the Works!

Break free of delusions and seek inner peace—When plagued by hopelessness, do you have what it takes to alter your fate?

NetEase Games' first 1v4 asymmetrical survival mobile game, Identity V, announces a crossover project with the popular Japanese psychological thriller anime, The Promised Neverland. What kind of storm would it stir up when the perilous Grace Field House joins hands with the ominous Oletus Manor? What would the crossover bring about when the desperation doubles?

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Major Announcement! A Suspenseful Trailer

On December 14, Identity V released a global promotional trailer announcing the crossover project. The trailer depicts rays of dwindling lights flickering in the wind as a pitch-black door creaks open, revealing a path to the unknown. Under different times and spaces, Emma and the Gardener both shrouded in distress as they run toward the door where light and hope reside. Will they be welcomed with open arms of liberation or descend into deeper despair?

What's the secret behind the hydra pattern shown at the end of the trailer? The main protagonist of The Promised Neverland series, Emma, specializes in Morse code—Perhaps she could decode the meaning behind the mysterious pattern?

Break Free! In Search for True Freedom

The Promised Neverland anime is an adaptation of a popular manga written by Kaiu Shirai and illustrated by Posuka Demizu. The first season was aired in January 2019, and the second season is scheduled to air and distribute in January 2021.

38 children and their unrelated "Mom", the caretaker, live in the Grace Field House. Yet behind the facade of happiness holds a sinister purgatory. Children who reach the age of 12 will be "adopted" and leave the House, but in fact, they become the offerings to the "demons." Once the secret is out, the children pluck up their courage and set off on a breakout adventure.

Hot Pursuit! Escape from the Manor

From the house to the manor, the two stories' main characters seek hope and freedom in a similar fashion under different times and spaces. Let's look forward to the new costumes/items the crossover project has to offer.

Identity V X the Promised Neverland crossover project is coming soon, bringing extraordinary crossover-exclusive content and game modes. For more information, stay tuned to our official website!

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