takt op. Symphony will be launching its closed beta test in South East Asia

Also known as takt op. Symphony, the mobile game takt op. Destiny in the City of Crimson Melody unveils that it will be conducting a closed beta test exclusively in South East Asia. The CBT will be accessible from March 16 through March 23, or essentially one week.


The smartphone RPG takt op. Destiny is the City of Crimson Melody is based on the takt op. multi-media project by DeNA and Bandai Namco. The beta will be accessible to gamers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, and "other countries," as stated in its official statement on Facebook. The beta will only be accessible to players using Android devices because it will be released as an APK file, and participation is on a first come, first served basis.

You must join the game's brand-new Discord server in order to take part in the closed beta. As soon as the test is made accessible, download links will be issued, with the first 3,000 people to access the game receiving access. Although the takt op. mobile game has not yet been released in South East Asia, it will do so in Japan in June 2023.


About the game​

The game is set in 2067, 20 years after the anime's events, in a universe where music is forbidden because it summons terrifying creatures known as D2s, which sprang from a black meteorite that crashed into Earth some years earlier. The Symphonica Internal Organization and Musicarts, a group made up of individuals with the ability to battle the D2s through music, was developed as a means of defense against them.




The actual game is a 3D Turn-based RPG in which you command Musicarts to engage adversaries while performing gorgeously depicted moves that were inspired by musical compositions. You can discover more about your favorite characters as well as brand-new ones thanks to the game's story mode and several character tale episodes.