Tales of Crestoria Worldwide Launch is Near

Tales of Crestoria is a classic anime turn-based RPG produced by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The main story was created by Jun Kamagai, known for writing Persona 3 The Movie and Infini-T Force. The game follows the story of Kanata Hjuger, a boy who bears a stain of a crime he can never atone. Together with your fellow transgressors, explore the world as you go on your quest to defy the very rules of the world.

Tales of Crestoria.png

The game drew a lot of attention from beta testers than expected last May. The unexpected pool of players revealed the necessary adjustment and fixes needed causing the delay of its official launch.

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According to the official game's twitter post, the game is already on the final stages of English and Japanese versions. Although there was no clear date given, the number of pre-registrations worldwide exceeding 1 million indicates the players' great anticipation for the global release. Hopefully, we'll be able to play the game before July ends.

The battle animation and character designs were made by the top artists from the previous Tales series. They really made sure that the game is worth the wait. And as a way of initially thanking all the fans out there, they gave out a fan kit where you can download HD wallpapers and photos of the game.

If you haven't seen it yet, pre-registration for iOS and Android is still open.

The developers created an official site for the game where you'll able to see updates and contents. You can check out the characters, fan kits, and pre-registration rewards in their official site.