Tales of Symphonia PC Version Broken

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    Yesterday Steam released the PC version of Tales of Symphonia, but fans aren't that happy about the game. That's because Bandai Namco's RPG is suffering from a myriad of issues that are making the beloved game nearly unplayable.

    NeoGAF user Chairman Chuck created a thread that collects the PC port's issues . Some of the problems include a resolution locked at 720p, random crashes, and exceptionally long loading times. And it only starts there.​

    You can see a full list of the reported issues below:

    • Locked 720p resolution
    • Incomplete and broken translations
    • Locked at 30 FPS (although some users have reported getting it to 40 FPS)
    • Brand new typos unique to the PC version
    • Uses PS3 and Xbox button icons at the same time
    • Random crashes
    • Only six save slots
    • Opening the config and save menu can take 30 seconds to load
    • Uses DRM called VMProtect that creates a new ".exe" file every time the game starts
    source via gamespot
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