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Jul 7, 2019
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So, as many fans were asking a lot of questions about ToW, thats why we gonna do a Q&A part.

Q: Is Tales of Wind another version of Laplace M?
A: Yes, ToW is the only official global version of Laplace M!

Q: How many Classes are there?
A:There are four different classes and each one is coming with his own pros and cons, it is your duty to know which class suits your Playstyle the most.

Q: What does the Level Cap do?
1. After you’ve reached the level cap, you can continue to earn EXP but can only level up your character once a new level cap has been unlocked.
2. The longer the server has been opened, the higher the level cap.
3.You’ll receive EXP bonus if your character’s level is 3 or more levels lower than the level cap.
4. You’ll receive more EXP bonus if your character’s level is 6 or more levels lower than the level cap.

Day 1. Levelcap 29
Day 2. Levelcap 34
Day 3. Levelcap 38
Day 4. Levelcap 42
Day 5. Levelcap 45
Day 6. Levelcap 48
Day 7. Levelcap 50
Day 8. Levelcap 52
Day 9. Levelcap 54
Day 10. Levelcap 55
Day 11. Levelcap 56
Day 12. Levelcap 57
Day 13. Levelcap 58
Day 14. Levelcap 59
Day 15. Levelcap 60
Day 17. Levelcap 61
Day 19. Levelcap 62
Day 21. Levelcap 63
Day 24. Levelcap 64
Day 27. Levelcap 65
Day 30. Levelcap 66
Day 34. Levelcap 67
Day 38. Levelcap 68
Day 42. Levelcap 69

Q: How do I make an apply to join link for my guild in chat?
A: It can only be done in general chat when you are given this quest on your Affair Board.

Q: How to unlock card socket for headwear?
A: You need to advance your headwear (min purple rarity) using Headwear Scrolls. Tap headwear » Advance.

Q: How to obtain Headwear Scrolls?
1. Dismantling other headwear (min purple rarity)
2. Drop from some event exclusive bags
3. Buy right away from trade when someone's selling

Q: Can’t craft this new gacha outfit
A: Some outfits are considered special and can’t be crafted.
It was a choice of developers not to allow it to be made craftable but you can send your suggestions to the developers asking for this to be changed and if approved this can happen.

Ruins Duel

1. You will get rank up rewards either you take part in duels or not if you are in the team.
2. You have to achieve the corresponding duels to get the season rewards. e.g. if your squad is Diamond rank, you have to duel 40 times at least to get the rewards. Less than 40, you get nothing.
3. Leave/be kicked from the squad, all the duels you do before will be reset to 0, even if you rejoin in a few seconds. And you will not get the seasonal rewards.
Ancient Ruin boss reward rules

1. Guilds that rank in the top 5 and their members earn personal and auction rewards.
2. Personal rewards and auction rewards are only available to players who dealt damage to the boss and was in the same line as it was at the time of its death.
3. Auction revenue is evenly distributed to participating players after the end of the auction on the second day.
4. Teams that deal the final blow receive an additional reward.
5. Each guild may earn up to 6 1st-place auction and personal rewards each day.
6. Ruin Boss rewards are not available to members who have been in a guild for less than 24 hours or guilds that are less than 24 hours old.
Cleric Healing Feature/"Bug"

1. "Cleric" heals 8 targets before promotion. Yet, only 5 after promoted to either "Priest" or Ranger".
2. Healings are not randomly placed, but they do hit friendly targets with the lowest HP. It does not matter whether they are your team members or not.

Q: How do I delete a character?
A: Characters at this moment can not be deleted.
If you wish to start a new character, you can as long as you have space for another character. You can make four characters per server.

Name changes use 100 free or paid spirals if you wish to reuse the same name on another character.

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