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May 10, 2019
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Ive been reading guides for Tales of the Wind and they are all over the place so here is compilation. Credits to the respective owners

A neat little strategy for making the most out of the exp you get:

There is a mechanic ingame where you get bonus exp for being 3 levels or lower than the daily server level. It is advised to redeem your skill points when your 3 levels below the server cap to make the most out of this exp bonus. This will only work for the first 6 days of the release of a new server since on day 7 the server cap only gets raised by 2 levels instead of 3 or more. This goes against the people who say to redeem when you reach the level cap. But everything for efficiency right!

If you are able to be online a lot then this strategy is worth using

Remove all affair board missions except those that reward treasure maps. Removing will make you have to wait 30 min for a new mission to show up so only efficient if your able to check it multiple times on a day. This way you can get up to 15 treasure maps a day.

How to easily beat floor 7 in revelation

This works on floor 1 to 5 as well. Make everyone except the tank use the Schnee card. Make them walk back a little when you enter the map and make them attack from range with their abilities. This includes the healer. Make sure they are staying out of range of the enemy warrior so they do not get pulled in. The tank has to move towards the enemy and just take the hits. He can spam his guardians to buy time, he will probably be stunlocked but he can get a few guardian transformations in. While the rest of the team their only job is to just deal damage from a distance. Once the guardians run out they can use their next guardians and close in for the kill. This makes it so that you can clear revelation with any team composition. Just make sure everyone has Schnee in their first guardian transformation slot.

How to unlock card socket for headwear?
You need to advance your headwear (min purple rarity) using Headwear Scrolls. Tap headwear » Advance.

How to obtain Headwear Scrolls?
Dismantling other headwear (min purple rarity), 2. Lucky drop from lucky bags (mothers day event), 3. Buy right away from trade when someone's selling.

Guide to progressing faster as a new player through content too hard for you - with the help of AI

Just a quick little guide here detailing how new players can do the hardest modes of dungeons their level (up to and including forests in EQ realm, Zodiac boss 4, Revelation Trials 4).

1. Find any max level player. Their gear does not matter, though you'd be well advised to not party with a cleric if you want to do the hardest content possible with this method (makes it harder to recruit healers, and you want one.)

2. Have the max level player recruit 3 AI helpers, then have the player hand captaincy of the party to you and leave the party.

3. You now have 3 max level AI helpers that can aid you with the content you want to beat. Simply enter it and have them do the dirty work. Do remember though that content like Zodiac Boss 4 won't be 100% auto clear rate, as she can entangle and oneshot them if you don't have the gear to break the entanglement. Simply retry, and they'll win eventually (usually takes 7-9 tries for 5 wins for me)

level up skills for guardians

You can level up skills for guardians through clicking on the skill in the guardian and opening this window where you select the material (has to be same skill) leveling up level 1 with level one material is 80% rate and level 2 to 3 with level one is 33.3% .. most players don’t know this one but you can save a bit of shells by upgrading to level 2

If you open fun tab and listen to any song for 20s you get 3000 silver and one juice , I did this so far 11 times today and doesn’t seem to be the limit .. needs more researching but yeah

if you time your transformation right you can avoid one hit from a boss usually transforming when the boss hit is mid swing allows you to nullify it , it works for everything .. very useful for tanks/close range fights and can help avoid 4 hits from a boss , this can make the difference between death and victory in a fight

Treasure Map Card Drop Rate
  • Blue card 31.51%
  • Egg net 23.81%
  • Mana 18.95%
  • Low skill-book 4.76%
  • Purple card 1.69%
  • Gold card 0.11%
  • Artifact Map piece 0.1%
  • Red card 0.03%
Artifact Map Card Drop Rate
  • Advanced skill book 35.25%
  • Egg net x3 25.02%
  • Lotus fruit x10 15.01%
  • Purple headdress 15.01%
  • Inari shard 2.83%
  • Yuni shard 2.83%
  • Dexter shard 2.83%
  • Gold headdress 1%
  • Red headdress 0.12%
  • Dreamwalker Mount Shard 0.10%

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