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The world of ToW has opened. Players around the globe are eager to start their adventure and prove their strength along the way! Today we’re gonna discuss one of the most important features you’ll need to know to become stronger in the game: Battle Rate!

But first, what is Battle Rate? The simplest explanation is that it is the total sum of your character’s power that has been gained through multiple mediums such as your equipment, skill level, guardian, soul cards, character level, stats, and enhancements. It serves as your gauge on how strong you currently are, and at the same time, becomes your guide if you can handle certain dungeon runs and challenges like the Kingdom Realms. In this guide, you’ll learn and discover some awesome tips and tricks on how to increase your Battle Rate the best way possible, so you can tackle all the hurdles and come out as the victor!

1. Equipment Equipment is one of your major sources of BR. It is essentially a character’s source for attack and defense as well as the catalyst for soul cards. Don’t rush for Gold equipment in the early stages because you will change your equipment every 10 levels. Always do the highest difficulty on equipment realm (Nightmare mode) with a full party for the best chance to get high tier rewards.

2. Equipment Enhancement Obtaining powerful equipment is great and all, but you can increase their battle rate further when you enhance them. Focus on enhancing your gears first while you’re at lower levels, since enhancements can be transferred to other equipment freely. You won’t fail when enhancing up to 6 since it has a 100% success rate. You can get enhancement material from Points Shop, Spiral Shop, Zodiac Bosses, and Truesight. For enhancement +1 up to +6, you’ll need Star Diamonds, and then Moon Diamonds for +7 onwards.

3. Reforge Equipment
After obtaining the equipment that you desire, you can now reforge your items. Reforging requires reforging bars and Silverstar as materials. Silverstar can be obtained through all sorts of different events and quests while reforging bars can be obtained in the Equipment Realm, Marketplace Trade, and from dismantling equipment. You can also fuse reforging bars to get higher tier ones. You can fuse 6 Bronze Bars to get 1 Iron Bar, 6 Iron to get 1 Mithril, and 6 Mithril to get 1 Adamantine. Reforge bars: *Bronze – for level 30 equipment and below *Iron – level 40 to 50 *Mithril – level 50 to 60 *Adamantine – level 60 above A reforge rating of the equipment’s additional attributes will be displayed when reforging and the reforge rating tells you whether the attributes are good or not. The higher the Battle Rate, the better. Equipment reforging can give the equipment extra attributes types and bonuses, making each piece of equipment unique.

4. Soul card (Monster) Soul cards are powerful items imbued with the soul of a monster in the form of a card. Equipping one in your gear adds additional battle rate and grants you access to stat boosts and special transformation skills. Same as with equipment, try to get +6 on the card because it has a 100% success rate, and some cards also have special effect on +3,6,9 and 12. You can get card upgrading materials called “Mana” from Points shop, Dismantle Card, Card Realm and Bug Hunt. Don’t forget to unlock additional card slots whenever you can. You’ll need “Kingdom Fame” points to unlock a slot. You can obtain these by participating in Kingdom Event. Pro Tip: Before you dismantle or embed card, always check/compare the “Max Rating” not the “Cur. Rating”.

5. Redeem Skill Point (SP) One of the unconventional features is how you obtain skill points. You’ll get one skill point every level up, but the majority of your points can be obtained through redeeming. You’ll need to exchange XP to redeem skill points. Do take note of how many required XP you’ll need to exchange for one skill point – it increases in value the more points you redeem. Each time you upgrade your skill level you will get around 600 BP and boost some of your stats. The best moment to do this is when you reach the level cap. You will need 50 SP for 2nd Job Change Pro Tip: How to earn extra EXP after the Level Cap?

  1. Daily Routine to reach the Level Cap First! Subject to Exp Limit:
    [Escort, Arena, Card Realm, Equipment Realm, Dragon Treasures] Event Square: (Kingdom Events, Treasure Hunter, World Boss)

  2. Next! After reaching the level cap, you can continue to earn exp and start redeeming skill points. You can only level up your character once a new level cap has been unlocked. Not Subject to Exp Limit: [Main Quest, Side Quest, NPC Fight, Revelation Trials, Farm Order, Racoon Raid, Truesight Reward, and Fairy Music Box] Event Square: [Zodiac Bosses, Guild Ball]

6. Guardian/Pet The Guardians are your partner throughout your journey in ToW, aiding you in battle and also giving you stat boosts as well, increasing your battle rate. You can upgrade your pet level by giving them juice (Bought from the Artifact shop or Farm Coin shop) and when it reaches max level, you can evolve it by sacrificing other guardians with the same stars. Evolving will give your pet more stats and more skills. Note: You will get a FREE Gold pet on the 7th Day.

7. Truesight
Truesight is a special skill of adventurers which gives you a glimpse of the unseen world, revealing their secrets and hidden treasures. This feature is very helpful as you can use truesight to get a number of useful goodies on every map in ToW. You can only do this 8 times a day, so choose your rewards wisely. Don’t worry if you don’t find anything – a truesight point will only be spent if you were able to find a treasure and you grabbed it.(edited)

8. What do you need to buy in the Spiral shop? There’s a lot of tempting items in the Spiral Shop. But what should you buy? Never use spiral for gacha. Instead, use it to buy Materials Star/Moon Diamond to Enhance equipment.

Which Class should you Choose? More people begin to wonder on what the ultimate build is for each class and though the answer is vague as the number of possible skill combinations and levels you can come up with in the game, there is definitely one that is best for each player. In a sense, it depends on what you would really want to focus on which is the basic principle that applies to how you decided in picking a particular class in the first place!

There are a lot of things to consider that needs to be aligned to your target build, but the most basic should come from the stats you need to prioritize and the skills you need to focus on . Some concepts apply generally across all classes regardless of your preferences and Playstyle.

Warrior, Paladin And Berserker The warrior is one of two melee class choices when you start the game. Typically, warriors are a lot more common in other RPGs and stands as the most basic class for beginners to easily pick up on. Warriors can be built in several ways which naturally depend on how you play and if you prefer having an easy time doing quests on your own or be a more suitable member of parties especially later in the game.

Warriors sport both offensive and defensive skills and can typically be built towards having higher DPS, all-out tank, or a mix of both. For the former, Rage Burst is a must-have as it increases the damage you deal to all enemies. Further, you can add some points to infuriate to add a few more seconds to Rage Burst’s duration.

Thunderclap will be a good skill to invest on as it has the lowest cool down period though a little trickier to pull off while playing manually. For better survivability, feel free to max out Absorb Lightning to gain some Life Steal effect on every bit of damage you deal with Thunderclap.

Bladestrom is your best crowd control skill and even a skill point on Intimidation will raise your survivability as it weakens the surrounding enemies.

Strength would naturally be the main stat of focus for DPS warriors and while bonus stats on Agility help raise attack values as well, making life leach work towards your survivability requires stat boost on vitality. So to sum up, Rage Burst, Thunderclap, and Absorb Lightning should be top priority while Strength and Vitality should be your main stat considerations with more focus on Strength.

If you are up to standing in as the best tank you can be, it would be best to work on your defense early on and build on the play style that would help you play on your own well enough as it would be a challenge to clear quests with a full defense and HP build. For tank builds, Protection of Light comes as top priority skill as it increases block chance as well as pulls enemies within range towards you and away from other party members. Stalwart Shield comes as a great additive to Protection of Light and further boosts its efficiency.

Though you don’t necessarily have to max it out, having Bladestorm works well in damaging a lot of enemies and attracting them towards attacking you. As you would want to keep both HP and defense as high as you can to be a solid tank, you should consider allocating points on general skills especially on masteries that further boost your defensive stats.

Choosing between Berserker and Paladin should be a lot easier now if you already have a solid decision on the role you want to play. Following the DPS build with some survivability to boot, Berserker is your definite choice while if you want to be the Warrior who is always invited to parties, then the Paladin is the one for you to consider.

Berserker Referred to as the kamikaze style of fighting, Berserkers can deal a lot of damage and bank on life steal to sustain its health and survive long battles. In addition to Thunderclap with Absorb Lightning to leach HP from enemy mobs, the Berserker’s Sword Strike is a must-have to further bank on the life-stealing tactic. Although some players would consider an Asura over a Berserker as far as DPS is concerned, you can work on having higher survivability with the Berserker with the right stat distribution between Strength and HP.

Berserkers also have an enhanced version of Rage Burst that raises attack values even more so once you get promoted to Berserker, these should be the top picks as far as prioritization goes.

Paladin Paladins will always be top-notch as far as defense and HP goes. As there will be very challenging team battles in the game as you progress further, the value of having a strong Paladin grows much further. On the other hand, it’s naturally going to be a pain to complete story quests that you need to finish on your own especially if focus entirely on defense and vitality. More so, as higher defensive stats require a rally good set of armor and gears, it can be a bit expensive to really aim for a Paladin on its full potential.

Enhanced Protection of Light should be your top pick as far as skills are concerned. You can probably leave Bladestorm out and invest on Holy Strike as it also deals damage to multiple enemies with stunning effects as well as damage reduction. Don’t expect to bag a lot of wins in the Arena though as it will be as difficult to win in solo PvP as it is to complete solo quests as a full-fledged Paladin.

Mage, Pyromancer And Frostweaver The Mage is your best AoE damage dealer in ToW and as far as stat attributes go, there are hardly any doable mistakes as Intelligence is all that matters for Mages. In terms of build, though, you can go for DPS and deal as much damage to large groups of mobs or consider crowd control through freezing enemies and making it easier for you and the rest of the team. So again, this is going to be a matter of preference as both can be great considerations on solo and team quests and battles.

As a base class, most of the Mage’s skills are ice-based attacks and if you are more leaning towards control, then Ice Storm is your best pick.

If control is more important to you than higher damage values, then you shouldn’t need to max this skill out as allotting skill points for Winter’s Bite would be better as far as freeze probability is concerned. Likewise, Blink is also a good skill to have as it can freeze enemies and lower their magic defense stats as well as restore some of your HP in the process. For better survivability, bank on Frost Dance as well since it increases your HP regain from each Blink you successfully cast.

As you will not need to deal as much damage with control being the focus of your build, you should consider working on your vitality stats a bit to support the life regain you can obtain from using Blink. If you have some spare skill points, feel free to spend them on general skill masteries especially the ones that boost all attributes.

If you want to build a DPS Mage without any care for survivability, you can go all out on boosting intelligence stats and allocating skill points on exclusively offensive skills. Regardless of the skills you choose, Word of Elements is your must-have damage booster. As it will make spells cost more to cast, you should spare a couple of points on Farewell to extend its duration for a few more seconds.

Fire Storm should be your top damage-dealing spell especially if you bank on Pyromancy which boosts your Crit Rate as well. As it takes a while to cast, you can opt for Frostbird as a quick cool down spell to damage enemies while Fire Storm is recharging.

As the two common builds while still a Mage ought to give you a clear enough idea of which promotion class to choose once you are able to, knowing full well the advantages and disadvantages of both, while at the same time assuring which role you can fulfil better, should be the deciding factor in choosing between the Pyromancer and Frostweaver classes.

It’s going to be a challenge to test out every bit of possible combinations between DPS and control in-between, but then again, if you have the time to experiment before changing to the next class, be sure to do so.

Pyromancer As a Pyromancer, you can unlock the Firebird skill which is the fire equivalent of Frostbird that deals a lot more damage. Enhanced Fire Storm should be your top pick as well as it is the only AoE spell that is stronger than your regular Fire Storm.

As you may not necessarily have to max out skills other than these two on top of Word of Elements, be sure to spare some skill points for general skill masteries to further increase your intelligence and willpower.

Frostweaver For the Frostweaver class, it’s all about stopping enemies in their tracks without necessarily caring about how much damage you can deal. Just the same, though the need to allocate stats on the usual Mage attribute prioritization banks on how much good your control plays are in solo quests as well as in team plays. As survivability ought to be your higher consideration if you want to do well in solo plays, then work a bit more on giving your character a little more vitality.

Though you should most likely always have a healer in team quests, dealing a little more damage should be your concern especially if you are the only Mage around.

With that said, it is going to be a little difficult to balance between focusing on intelligence and vitality but keeping all things equal, you should still prioritize the former over the latter.

Cleric, Priest And Ranger The Cleric is the healing and support class that will always be a necessity in any quest or game mode. Unlike your typical fantasy medic common in most RPGs though, clerics in ToW can cause some decent damage.

As such, the common choice is to go full support or be a bit of both damage dealer and support which works much better for solo missions and still fun to have around in team plays.

Like mages, clerics need to work on intelligence and willpower for greater spell efficacy and for survivability, has to spare a few points on vitality as well.

Going for the AoE damage dealer is the easy choice as you can have 2 offensive skills and 2 healing spells to play around with in your journey. For the most part, this is the build that makes main quests a bit of a cakewalk as you can clear mobs of enemies and sustain your health like no other class can.

There’s roughly a perfect allocation of skill points for your initial skills as you can balance easily between healing and damage with several combinations of varying skill levels. As such, you should tailor the skill levels depending on whether you are playing solo or with a team.

For the full support type of cleric, survivability is of top concern which means that on top of potent healing spells that result from high intelligence stats, you also need to work on defense and HP. Keep in mind that party members depending on you for continuous survival will most likely perish once you get knocked out so ensuring that you are durable enough is as important as keeping everyone else alive. As you focus more on healing spells it will become a challenge for you to clear out missions all on your own so be sure to keep that in mind as well and be ready for big challenges ahead when it comes to solo quests.

Priest If you enjoyed being a full support cleric up until you are ready to get promoted to a new class, then proceed to choose the Priest class as it offers even better healing and support spells for the team. Being a full support priest will most likely earn you a lot of invites from other players especially for various events that are very challenging later on in the game. Simply enough, bank on Bathe in Light on top of Song of the Forest and Nature’s Prayer. Temporary invulnerability is a must especially for harder quests.

Extra skill points should be considered for general skill masteries as well particularly those that raise defense and vitality.

Ranger If you like the AoE damage-dealing mage class, take it a step further and go for the Ranger class. Fairy Arrow will be your top pick for damage-dealing skill especially for mobs.

You can build around poisoning enemies as well and dish out some damage streams. For team quests and missions, the Enhanced Song of the Forest is a must-have as it heals allies as well as boost their damage. Be sure to balance between offensive spells and heal spells.

Rangers may not perform well on auto mode but it’s a great all-around class if you are up for manual plays.

Assassin, Asura And Ninja Assassins are the like the more offensive melee class of choice in contrast with the warrior. Though both can deal a lot of damage, assassins can still dish out more especially when you bring critical damage to the equation. Though both assassins and warriors benefit from strength and agility attribute increases, assassins are much better off with focus on agility considering the increased rate of critical hits and damage.

As far as builds are concerned, the primary difference between the two choices bank on preferences as far as PvP and PvE game contents are concerned.

In any case, Cross Cleave is a must-have skill with its comparatively high damage for the cheapest combo points required. If maxed out, this will be your top damage-dealing skill before promotion.

For some points toward survivability, Shadow Strike is likewise a great option especially with some points allocated on Technique. With the 4-skill limit you can equip at one time, you can bank on other skills including Void Phantom for PvE quests and team events.

Though Void Phantom isn’t a good choice on PvE battles, levelling it to 5 to unlock Shadow attack is a must for builds that rely on critical damage.

The tougher choice to make with regard to choosing builds for the assassin is going for all assault and determining the right amount of stat and skill points to allot for survivability. There’s no argument that the attribute to primarily focus on is agility, but to further increase damage, you can choose to consider strength as the second priority or vitality to get more out of Shadow Strike and Technique. If you are planning on going for Asura, then damage should be your top priority and as such, you should aim to increase damage with more points for strength following agility.

For the Ninja class, which is also designed for crowd control but with stealth to boot, a little more consideration for vitality should be made especially since ninjas are best for PvP and even the top dodge rate you can muster may not be enough to survive fatal blows from your enemies

How To Catch Guardians The guardians of ToW are a collection of pets you can gain from Guardian Island. They can provide boosts for themselves and for your character. They’re not exactly slacking off in the attacking department! The bad news is trying to catch something for a great guardian to have.

The good news is that you doesn’t really have to! You just need to know what to look for in a guardian. Do note that your own luck is what’s going to get you stuck with a selection of not so great guardians.

However, they can still be used in the Guardian Array or as food to evolve your other guardians.

Warrior Class The Warrior is a well balanced class which, once promoted, can end up being the tank of the party (Paladin) or a magnificent damage dealer with great sustain and -still- good defense (Berserker).

Concentrates on: Defense, Melee Promo Path: Paladin or Berserker Paladin: The Paladin is the go to promo path for those who are wanting to support their teams by wielding and tanking the inbound damage with that holy shield. If you are used to that playstyle, it's great particularly.(No Iron Maiden Unuldor!) Berserker: The Berserkers do not wield a shield any longer, and they essentially go YOLO on the battleground, swinging their substantial sword left and right and beating enemies.

This is an incredible class if you are going to wish to do whatever yourself, as the self sustain, good damage and defense will generally set you up for any situation you may experience.

Mage Class The Mage is my preferred class to play in the majority of the games, as it has a great range, cool looking abilities (generally) and they can be very effective in regards to damage, specifically in PvP. Focuses on: Range, AoE Damage Promo Path: Pyromancer or Frostweaver Pyromancer: This path is the "hot" one, which uses fire for handling the enemies.

It's very effective, having a quite high attack damage, however it also has some sustainability, it's great if you like fire abilities! Frostweaver: The precise reverse of the Pyromancer, this path has the "cool" abilities. Wielder of Ice, the abilities of this Mage path can cause a lots of CC (crowd control) to the enemy, while also dealing a lot of damage.

Cleric Class The Cleric is among the most key classes in numerous games. They are the therapists. Playing a Cleric is truly enjoyable, however if you do not truly know what to do and when, it might go downhill quick. This class is extremely essential in PvP and throughout boss raids and hard events, as an excellent therapist can turn a battle in their team's favor with a single spell.

Focuses on: Healing, Support. Promo Path: Priest or Ranger. Priest: This is the therapist path, which might be thought about type in numerous circumstances, all throughout the game. They can restore dead allies, along with offer excellent heals and typically support their team. It might show amusing to play, as often you can just not recover somebody if you do not like them! Since it's mean, do not do it.

Ranger: Now kinda opposed to the Priest however still maintaining comparable traits, is the Ranger, which is rather well balanced all round. It can do damage, recover and place curses on the enemies, which might be thought about a great assistance to any team (as it does not ONLY do heals).

Assassin Class The tricky foxes; the guys concealing in the shadows; the quiet killers; those might all be thought about Assassin traits, some which can even be discovered in Tales of Wind! The class concentrates on high damage and fast (however lethal) attacks. Concentrates on: Sneak Attack, Melee Promo Path: Asura or Ninja Asura: Wielding 2 lethal "claws" their attacks fast and cause a lots of damage.

They depend on crits and high damage, however they can also cause curses on the enemies surrounding them. Ninja: The Ninjas are the stealth killers (as you may have currently envisioned) and they are the supreme Assassins: supplying stealth abilities and fast attacks, they also cause CC (crowd control) debuffs on the enemies!


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Guide to progressing faster as a new player through content too hard for you - with the help of AI

Just a quick little guide here detailing how new players can do the hardest modes of dungeons their level (up to and including forests in EQ realm, Zodiac boss 4, Revelation Trials 4).

1. Find any max level player. Their gear does not matter, though you'd be well advised to not party with a cleric if you want to do the hardest content possible with this method (makes it harder to recruit healers, and you want one.)

2. Have the max level player recruit 3 AI helpers, then have the player hand captaincy of the party to you and leave the party.

3. You now have 3 max level AI helpers that can aid you with the content you want to beat. Simply enter it and have them do the dirty work. Do remember though that content like Zodiac Boss 4 won't be 100% auto clear rate, as she can entangle and oneshot them if you don't have the gear to break the entanglement. Simply retry, and they'll win eventually (usually takes 7-9 tries for 5 wins for me)

Credits: Blizzia

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