Talisman Online M Couple Arena Gameplay


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Jul 7, 2019
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Talisman OM New couples gameplay, working together for a common goal! The new Couple Arena is officially open; both players must collect heart energy and use skills to defeat the enemy! Don’t pay attention to the combat power instead just look at the skills, but how do you play it? A couple’s battle with coordinated skills is now open!

The Couple Arena starts every day from 14:30-16:30 and 19:30-23:00 (Server time), in order to enter the arena just tap the Couple icon in the main screen and tap the “Start” button to start matching. Every day you can participate up to 3 times, if you didn’t participate that day the times will accumulate up to 9 times, but it will reset back to 3 times every Monday.

How to Play​

After you enter the arena, you will see hearts all over the place; these are the main source of energy for both couples. You can move around and collect the hearts to obtain heart points, however, it is important to note that both couples share one energy bar. The bar on top of the chat box represents the current energy and can be filled up to 500.

Inside the couple’s arena, the hearts will be scattered all over the place, you can obtain 10 love points for every heart, and the big heart in the center of the stage will give you 100 love points, it is said to be an effective place to collect energy. Energy is the main source to cast skills. After accumulating energy, don’t hesitate to start attacking! Use your skills to defeat the other couple!

Every player can use up to 5 different skills; each of the skills will consume a different amount of energy, and are divided in ATK, DEF, Control and Heal. After casting a skill the couple will also share the cooldown time. If you used a skill, your couple won’t be able to use the same skill for a period of time. In this event couples need to work as one, not only do they share the energy but also the skills, therefore both players cooperation is quite important! If one player collects hearts and the other one fights the enemy, perhaps you might get unexpected results.

Whether you win or lose, all players will get a Red Thread and rewards based on points. Use the Red Thread at the Couple Shop to exchange it for items, not only you can get permanent titles, there’s also a limited pet [Flower Fairy] and exclusive icon frames! The points earned will be ranked every 2 weeks, the top 3 couples can obtain a limited title: Perfect Pair (HP +2,000, ATK +50) 14 Days title! The top 4-10 couples can obtain Work as One (HP +1,800, ATK +30) 14 Days title!

Talisman OM New Couple Arena gameplay will officially open after the update, show your couple cooperation and sweep the arena with the cutest fairies!