Talisman Online M Demon Seal Gameplay


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Jul 7, 2019
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Demons ruining the world, we the warriors won't be afraid to fight! Demon Seal, with the help of every talisman player, defeat the demons to obtain new equipment!

First Demon Gift​

The Demon Seal system in Talisman OM will give the player a first clear reward, not only it encourages the player to challenge harder dungeons, but also strengthens the player’s equipment.

When the player reaches Lvl 31, in the main screen a new system will appear, the starting dungeon level is fire summit at level 31, tap Seal in the main screen, then you’ll see the lowest level BOSS Adramel information and rewards. Players need to clear the Fire Summit dungeon to obtain the corresponding clear rewards.

[Kill the demon for the secret chest]
Tap Seal Demon and after clearing the dungeon, the player just needs to tap the chest on the right side of the screen to claim the first clear reward.

After claiming the reward, every dungeon has a corresponding first clear reward. Besides containing a great amount of bound silver, it also includes rare gems, and even gold equipment! The dungeon rewards will increase as the dungeon gets more difficult!

Blackwind Inn​

Level Required: Lvl 21
Players Required: 3~5 Players
Party: Pair a Priest with 4 high dps class such as Sword Mage, Assassin. And the difference with other dungeons besides bringing 1 tank, 1 healer and 3 dps is that Blackwind Inn’s bosses skills are quite special, a more suitable team for this dungeon is a “Chopper Team”, the best choice for this dungeon is a long ranged dps such as the Sword Mage, and also a tank such as the Monk isn’t suitable for this dungeon since he’s a close range class.

After you enter the Blackwind Inn, the first thing you’ll see is a sinister dungeon, after you defeat the first few monsters you’ll encounter the first Blackwind Inn BOSS [Markdoon].

Markdoon’s skills are really simple, beside the basic attacks and chops, there’s only one sprint and ground attack, which both skills have an airborne effect, but the skill cast time is quite long, therefore you have plenty of time to prepare; you’ll be fine as long as you pay attention to the skills.
After you defeat Markdoon, you’ll be teleported to the second map, clear all the small monsters all the way up to the pond, in here you’ll encounter the Blackwind Inn second BOSS [Akara & Abbadon].

Akara will cast a large area sword dance, lasts for 3 seconds, if you enter the area you’ll receive continuous damage, you’ll need to get out of range. Be careful, when Akara is casting the skill, Abbadon can simultaneously cast his flying knife skill, you’ll need to dodge Akara’s skill range and at the same time pay attention to Abbadon’s skill range.

It can be quite scary when both BOSS skills overlay, you’ll need to focus one skill at a time and then taking care of the other one, it is recommended to defeat Abaddon since he casts more skills, and then Akara so you can defeat her with ease.

After you defeat both of them, the next boss you’ll encounter is [Lephar], this BOSS even though he looks really scare, is in fact really easy to defeat, he only has two skills, one of them is the poison smoke that he spreads over the area, if you inhale it you’ll receive continuous damage, but the duration time is only 1 second, you’ll be fine as long as you leave the area.

The other skill is under him he’ll randomly spawn poison mushrooms, if you stand on top of the mushroom for a long time it will become a poison pool, so you’ll see the poison mushrooms all the time when fighting this BOSS, be careful where you move. Then there’s the last Blackwind Inn BOSS [Etran] He’s the strongest BOSS in the Blackwind Inn, but he was a weakness, which is that he barely moves during combat.
Etran skills are divided in two types, he summons purple electric orbs, and it lasts for 4 seconds, it will paralyze if you touch them, but they’re easy to avoid since there aren’t that many.

The next skill is a purple range thunderbolt; the damage is quite high but because of the range is fixed so it is easy to dodge. The only one you have to pay attention to is that these two skills may be casted at the same time, so be careful where you move.

Conclusion: All of the above are all the Blackwind Inn BOSS challenge points, in general the Blackwind Inn BOSS have powerful attacks and single skills, every BOSS has a weakness, you’ll need to find these weaknesses in order to attack and clear the dungeon at ease.

Fire Summit​

Entry Level: Lvl 31
Recommended group: 1 Monk, 1 Priest, 3 DPS
Skyfire Ape

The Skyfire Ape is a really rebellious BOSS, his most important skill is his claws pounding causing target to airborne, at the same time dealing damage to the targets on the ground. You can hardly get up as long as you're under control.

Kill Method: The party is behind the tank, pull the BOSS against the wall while the dps attack and the Priest heals, as long as the cooperation is good it shouldn’t be too difficult

After defeating the first boss you’ll go through a narrow path, non-stop fire rain will fall from the sky, it is recommended that the main tank brings all the small monsters to the highest stage to get rid of them.

Pyro King
In order to defeat the second boss you’ll need to break the seal, the seal has four light rays, you’ll need to step on the light rays in order to break the seal once this is done the Pyro King will be released.

The Pyro King has two skills, the first skill he will start pounding the target, the second skill he will start launching fire attacks in a fan shaped range.
Kill Method: DPS and Healer stay away from the BOSS, if they maintain their positions defeating this BOSS won’t be difficult.

Undin is a quite difficult BOSS, he’ll randomly spawn two to three magma pools under his feet, and will reduce the movement speed of the players, if you step on one of them you’ll receive continuous damage. At the same time Undin can ignite those magma pools, dealing great damage to the players.

Kill Method: Players need to keep their distance; you’ll want to move your character away when the magma pools are golden color in order to avoid getting hit by the explosion.

Adramel is the Fire Summit last BOSS, his skills damage is quite high and also cool looking Adramel can revive so you’ll need to defeat him twice. Both of his skills will deal massive damage to the targets that are in range.

Kill Method: Before Adramel casts a skill he’ll store up his power, when he starts to store up power, get away from the BOSS or behind him, if players get hurt, the healer can recover the missing HP. Defeat Adramel twice in order to clear the dungeon.

Safflower Cave​

In Talisman OM, most of the dungeons are scary, as soon as they enter they start to panic and they must be alert at all times. But Safflower Cave is not like the others, red flowers, green grass makes people feel like they entered paradise, and they lower their guard. But this dungeon is not a place you can just easily cross.

Dungeon Location: Osmanthus Hill
Level Required: Lvl 41
No. of players needed: 3-5 Players

Recommended group: All four BOSS in the Safflower Cave are different, and their attack and they have a wide range, therefore you’ll need to team up, the most reliable party is to choose one of each class.

Once you enter the dungeon, after you defeat the Silver Fox and Ice Nymph Pupil, you’ll go to a small stream, in here you’ll find the first BOSS Ice Nymph, as the name suggests the Ice Nymph is the BOSS of ice attributes, she has three skills, frost blasts that cause damage within range; creates ice flowers making the player to freeze for a short period of time; and lastly summons falling ice shards.

Because the Ice Nymph skills all have a wide attack range, and have a freeze effect, therefore the Assassin will need to use the Monk as a shield, and the Priest will need to pay attention the Monk’s HP, other classes can attack from afar to defeat the BOSS.
After you defeat the Ice Nymph, you go up the mountain and clear a few plant type monsters, at the top of the mountain you’ll find the second BOSS Sidara.

Sidara skills are more complicated than Ice Nymph, besides summoning the poison pond, there’s she can also summon small monsters to join the fact, in addition she can also use her vines as whip and cause damage around he, this skill does a lot of damage. The way to deal with Sidara is similar to the Ice Nymph, but you’ll need to pay attention to your positioning, and be careful she can make small poison ponds under her, use long range dps to quickly defeat her.

Over the mountain, you’ll find the Crippled Ghoul territory. Crippled Ghoul is a machine expert, his basic skills aren’t that strong, only is two skills: Summons an explosive fire thunder from the sky and uses his wheelchair to rush and collide. Even though these two skills are quite strong, but the attack range is quite small, also you’ll be able to see the direction he moves, therefore the whole party can focus on damage, you only have to be careful of the skill range and you’ll be able to defeat the Crippled Ghoul.

At last, you’ll find the poison dragoon army and the last BOSS Peitar, he has three subordinates each of these subordinates has mastered one of Peitar skills, you’ll need to challenge them first in order to deal with Peitar. These three skills are divided in: A dragon roar that emits waves forward, crashes his scythe against the ground and creates a powerful wave, rushes forward with his scythe. Because all of Peitar skills have an airborne effect and quick, the Monk has to pay attention to his position and pull the BOSS, the Priest must keep her distance and keep an eye out for the Monk’s HP, other classes can just focus on damage.

Asura Palace​

Dungeon Location: Gloom Hill
Level Required: Lvl 51
No. of players needed: 5 players

Recommended group: The Asura Palace is considered a high level dungeon, is hard to compare it to other simple dungeons, try to get one class of each in your party or use two Priests.

Because the monsters inside deal high damage, you’ll need to use the Priest revive skills to complete the challenge.
The Asura Palace is divided in four areas, during the challenge you’ll need to defeat, Nadzael, Idona, then you’ll need to defeat Geth in order to reach Heramon location, you can’t skip Geth otherwise you won’t be able to clear the dungeon.

Demon Nadzael
When you enter the contaminated area, after you defeat a large amount of spiders and bats you can challenge Nadzael, his appearance resembles a spider, and uses his poison needles on his back to attack. Nadzael has three skills, one of them is using both of his sword spikes to deal 200% damage in front of him; his second skill is absorb, he selects the strongest player to stab a needle so that the player can’t move for a period of time and deals continuous damage; the third skill; the third one is to generate explosive damage around his body. Therefore, if you’re in front of Nadzael, you must pay attention to your position, try to stay behind and far away from him, the tank must stabilize the hatred, Priest must stay far away, in order to heal the tank’s HP.

When Nadzael is preparing the skill [Explosion] you’ll see the damage range on the floor as a as a warning, all players must quickly run away otherwise you’ll be killed by the boss in a second.

After defeating Nadzael, you’ll go back to the dungeon entrance and enter the ice area. After you defeat the small monster you’ll enter Idona territory. She’s different from Nadzael, Idona has a perfect appearance, but she’s stronger than Nadzael. Idona only has two skills, but they’re quite troublesome, the first one is blizzard, every 15 seconds selects the player with the highest threat and unleashes a blizzard with a radius of 2m, and deals continuous damage in that area that lasts 30 seconds, and also this skill slows down the player. The other skill is the ice trap, ice claws will randomly appear in the area and players who are within the skill range will freeze for 5 seconds.

To defeat Idona you must have a high defense player who is responsible of running back and forth, making sure that the blizzard doesn’t hit other players, on the meantime other players can stay behind and attack, Priest is responsible for keeping an eye on the tank’s HP, use high and quick damage to defeat the BOSS

Possessed Geth
The third area is the fire zone, Possessed Geth is the guardian of this zone. Geth skills are relatively simple, they all deal damage to enemies in front of him, just need to pay attention in and avoid the damage range.

But you must pay attention to defeating Geth as soon as possible, otherwise he will trigger the possess effect, during this time he will spawn four demon souls flying towards Geth, if Geth absorbs these souls he will increase his damage by 300% and it can easily lead to mass extinction. When the demon souls appear players must block all the souls, not only will it prevent Geth from being possessed and the player who absorbed the demon soul will also increase its damage

Once you have completed all the challenges, you’ll be able to go to Heramon palace, defeat the soldiers to arrive to the main hall, Heramon will be waiting for you in his throne. Heramon mastered Nadzael and Idona ice and poison magic, and uses it to create two clones of him, the clones inherit all of Heramon’s skill except the clone skill. Therefore, when Heramon uses his sword slash, his clones will also react to this skill and deal serious damage. The sword slash will leave a scar and the scar can explode and deal continuous damage to the player.

As a result when facing Heramon, you should pay attention to your position and be careful of the scars, when Heramon has half HP, he will summon the clones, and the difficulty will increase, but you’ll only need to defeat Heramon, once he’s dead the clones will also disappear, therefore the player needs to concentrate the attacks on the main Heramon, and avoid the clone’s skills.

Wraith Grotto​

Once the max level has reached over Lvl 61, a new dungeon in Talisman OM will be unlocked, the Wraith Grotto welcomes all the Talisman players for the challenge. Is considered a high level dungeon, players enthusiasm for Wraith Grotto is quite high, because countless players have fallen under BOSS feet. However in the face of temptation of a Tier 6 Gold Equipment players still march forward. Today we’ll give you walkthrough guide so you become familiar with the BOSS and charge forward in this dungeon without a problem!

Four BOSS guide & Hidden BOSS hunt​

It is considered a high level dungeon in Talisman OM, players much reach Lvl 61 to enter. The dungeon time is 30 minutes, once the time is up you’ll see the dungeon results and rewards.

In the Wraith Grotto, not only is hard to deal with small monsters and if you’re not careful and dodge you’ll have to wait to revive, also is easy to be pushed around by the BOSS in the big areas.

Flying Yahksha
It is one of the Wraith Grotto BOSS, the Flying Yahksha looks scary but it isn’t hard, let’s take a look at the skills:

The monk can pull the BOSS, and every other class can stay behind and attack. After a while the boss will start to charge, the damage dealers should destroy the spiders eggs. You’ll need to pay attention to the last skill, when you’re pulled towards the boss, you should stop attacking and run away from the red range.

Venerable Dragoon
The venerable dragon is a chief with a scepter and a strange pattern on his body. Along with his shaman, let's take a look at both of their skills first.

Because the shaman can heal the Venerable Dragoon, once you start fighting the BOSS, the Monk should pull the Dragoon far away from the shaman, meanwhile other players can attack the shaman. Once you split them up you can easily defeat this boss.
Besides avoiding the red warning lines, you’ll have to pay attention where the shaman placed the fruits, try to avoid being poisoned to reduce the pressure of the healer.

Tethran Ghost
Tethran has two shapes, the human form can be attacked, and the dragon one that will fly around but can’t be attacked.

When Tethran is in human form, you’ll need to avoid the red area skill warnings. When he changes to dragon form you won’t be able to attack him, you’ll only need to avoid his skills, and also he switches forms constantly.

Seems quite simple but you’ll need a high damage team, some teams spend too much time because their damage is not enough, therefore they can’t clear the dungeon within 30 minutes, so you’ll need to do the most damage during his human form in order to avoid wasting time.

After breaking through many obstacles, you’ll finally face the final BOSS Lackus. This part is divided in two stages, the first stage he’s riding his horse, after you defeat it, Lackus will get off his horse and recover his full health, and you’ll need to defeat Lackus once more in order to clear the dungeon. As usual, let’s look at the skills first:

At the first stage, the boss is quite simple, every damage dealer should split up and attack, and avoid the flame ray, you must also pay attention not to step on the fire areas otherwise you’ll receive continuous damage. Use all your power to defeat it.

At the second stage he will have two new skills besides the one in the first stage. You’ll also have to split up and dodge his attacks. In this stage you’ll need to dodge more skills, during this time the Lackus horse will also be able to take damage, because Lackus horse isn’t of much help to him we recommend you to focus your attacks on Lackus, after you defeat Lackus the horse will disappear and you will clear the dungeon.

All of the above mentioned are all the bosses from Wraith Grotto skills introduction and recommended gameplay. Why is it important? Because the dungeon has a secret hidden BOSS! It takes a special trigger to summon the BOSS Millennium Leech! Even though you don’t need to defeat the hidden boss to clear the dungeon but it will drop a few items, the hidden boss will only appear at the Wraith Grotto Hero dungeon, and players will need to explore the area to trigger the hidden boss.

Tier 6 Class Equipment from Wraith Grotto​

The Wraith Grotto is a completely new challenge for Talisman OM players, besides the different content and ways to play, the dungeon drops are quite generous, you can find Tier 6 Class Equipment Fontanesia, 7 Stars, Ursae, Vajra and Ibis, more Tier 7 Gold weapons for every class awaits you!