Talisman Online M Duo Mount Introduction

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Jul 7, 2019
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Mount plays an important role in Talisman Online M, not only as a transportation, but also an assist in the improving the combat power for players. The Mont system is unlocked when players reach lvl 8. There are two kinds of mount, single and couple mount with different ways to obtain and raise. Today, Tom will make an introduction on the duo mount system.

How to Obtain​

Currently, there are two duo mounts that has been put onto the market, one is the Dragon King Blade that can be obtained from the Guild Tribute Store and the other one is Golden Flame Lion can be purchased from the limited event.

The level of Guild Pet Pavilion needs to be Lv. 4+
More duo mounts will be gradually released in the future. After successfully purchasing, you can click “Use” from your bag or activate it in the Duo Mount Interface.

Couple Mount Growth​

When the duo mount is activated, you can enter the duo mount interface to bless the mount. Different from the forge system of single mount, there is a new cultivation system for the couple mount, called Blessing.

Players can use blessing gems and bound silvers to bless the duo mounts. Every time when you bless the duo mount, a certain amount of blessing points will be given to the duo mount. The duo mount will upgrade after the blessing points become full.

The highest blessing tier for duo mounts is Tier 10, and every time you upgrade the mount, it will randomly increase its blessing points. When the duo mount reaches a new blessing tier, its riding speed and your duo riding points will increase accordingly. In the meanwhile, different gems will be needed for corresponding tiers as following:

Duo Mount Riding List​

To improve the user experience of Duo Mount, the duo mount whitelist function has been launched. After your friend accepts your riding list invitation, he/she doesn’t need to manually confirm every time before joining the ride.

Couple Mount Skills​

To empower your couple mount, TOM has also launched the Couple Mount Gift System to upgrade the skills of Duo mounts.

Duo Mount has different skills points from single mounts. The requirements for each skill level are also different, as following:

How to obtain materials to increase gift points: