Talisman Online M Eight Trigram Seal Introduction


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Jul 7, 2019
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New map and gameplay are going to be released. Let’s take a look of how Eight Trigram Seal works before that.
Eight Trigram Seal is mainly a system for enhancing the attributes of armors.

The armor can be upgraded into a suit after inlaid with the Eight Trigram Seal, and the corresponding attributes will be activated, thereby improving the character’s own combat power. Eight Trigram Seal is the same as the Skyforge Chest, it follows the parts and not the equipment, so even if the equipment is changed, the seal attributes still exist, so you don't have to worry about the waste of seals. Armor, Belt, Glove, Bracer, Kneepad, and Boot can all be inlaid with Eight Trigram Seal. The attributes of the set can be unlocked when equipping 2, 4, or 6 set pieces, and the attributes will be improved more!

Create Seal is the basis of the Eight Trigram Seal system. Without the Eight Trigram Seal system, there is no way to improve the equipment's attributes. In the "Create Seal" tab, after you select the seal you want to make, you can create and inlay it by consuming Taoist skill points, Almighty Talisman, and Bound Silver.

Each Eight Trigram Seal can only be made once, and the additional attributes are also different. Players can choose the order to create seals according to your needs.

After creating the Eight Trigram Seal, you can go to the "Paste Seal" tab to inlay the Eight Trigram Seal on the equipment, and upgrade the equipment into a set and activate set stats. The attributes of the set can be unlocked when equipping 2, 4, or 6 set pieces.

The ready-made Eight Trigram Seal will be Lvl. 1, which can be upgraded to improve the Seal basic attributes and suit attribute level by using Taoist skill points, SP, and Bound Silver. Remember, you can upgrade seals after the whole set is at the same level. The current maximum level is 7.

The ready-made Eight Trigram Seal can be destroyed by refining, and you'll get Taoist skill points back. The returned Taoist skill points equal to the sum of the remaining Taoist skill points of all levels after deducting the highest level Taoist skill points. For example, refine a Lvl. 7 Seal will return the sum of the Taoist skill points you have used to upgrade this Seal from Lvl. 1 to Lvl. 6. If you want to refine a Lvl. 1 Seal, Taoist skill points will not be deducted, it will be directly returned.

The Eight Trigram Seal will be another important system to enhance combat power in TOM. At present, the Skyforge level is similar, the Gem level is similar, and the Forge level has no significant difference, there is now intense competition between Combat Power competition. With the Eight Trigram Seal system opened is likely to break this stalemate, and the CP ranking will once again set off a bloody storm!