Talisman Online M Equipment fusion Introduction, a hidden function to help players become stronger


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Jul 7, 2019
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In Talisman Online M, there is a hidden function that has been ignored by some players. To gain a new highly forged weapon or equipment, forge is not the only way. Fusion between two weapons or equipment can quickly increase the level of the new weapon or armor.

Fusion related instructions:​

  1. Fusion can transfer the equipment forge, reiki, cultivation level to the new equipment.
  2. Only the same type of equipment can be fused.
  3. Level 50 and lower equipment can be perfectly fused.
  4. Level 50 and higher equipment after can be perfectly fused after selecting and consuming certain materials.
  5. When fusing, the high tier (the level) equipment is the target equipment, and if the same tier, the highest quality (The color) equipment is the target equipment.
For example, if you have a Tier 4 or tier 5 purple equipment with a forge level of +10 (cultivated to level 40) and a Tier 5 gold equipment that has not been forged or cultivated, you will get a Tier 5 gold equipment with a forge and reiki level of +10 (cultivated to level 40).

With fusion function, you can upgrade a weapon or armor of better quality or higher tier in a quick and cost-effective way.

If you have a tier 4 purple weapon (+8, Cultivation lvl 50) and a tier 3 gold weapon (+10, Cultivation lvl 1), the weapon that you can obtain after fusion is the tier 4 purple weapon (+10, Cultivation lvl 50).

However, if the high tier item forge and cultivation level are higher than low tier item, you cannot fuse them. For example, if a tier 3 gold weapon has only been forged to +8 and cultivated to lvl 10, it cannot be fused with a tier 4 purple weapon with forge lvl +10 and cultivation lvl 20.

Therefore, even if you haven’t hunted a good gold weapon or armor, don’t feel hesitate to forge or cultivate your current purple weapon. When you loot a better weapon in the future, you can simply use fusion function to obtain a well cultivated and forged gold weapon.