Talisman Online M Gold Pot: A way to obtain Unique Equipment


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Jul 7, 2019
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With the level cap increased, the new set of equipment and weapons will be released as well. The Gold Pot is the way for you to obtain this new set of shining equipment. Now, Tom will introduce this Gold Pot function to you.


The level requirement: Lvl 60
Firstly, you need to obtain soaring points by casting soul gems or Soaring Gem, but you won’t be able to obtain more soaring points if it reaches its storage limit. These soaring points are used for weapon soar. For the armor soar (which will open later), you need to cast soul gems or Armor Soaring Gem to obtain the soaring points.

When the storage reaches the limit, you need to use Heavens Order Talisman to increase the soaring storage limit.
Every day, you’ll get 60 free casting times and up to 420 times cap with Soaring Talisman to increase casting times. Every casting will cost 1 gem (a soul gem or soaring gem).

After gaining enough Soaring Points, you can now start your weapon or armor (which will open later) soar. Please be noted that only Tier 6 Gold or higher weapon, gold sub weapon, armors or jewelry can start soaring to become a Unique quality item. The soaring of an item needs corresponding soaring points, the higher the tier item is the more soaring points it will use.

Every gold equipment can be soared 3 times, and each time the stats will greatly increase.

When you get a higher tier gold equipment, you can change your low tier Unique equipment back to gold equipment and get 100% of your soaring points back. You’ll need to use a certain amount of Vast Seal. With the soaring points, you can start soaring the new higher gold equipment.

When setting up the batch, you can select the type of items you want to put in the batch.

Please be noted that the fusion between a lower tier Unique weapon and a higher tier Gold weapon will not give you a higher tier Unique weapon. Therefore, it is better for you to do a weapon return before the fusion and then soar the new fused weapon or armor.

Soul Gem Tree​

When you equip 3, 5, 7, 9 Unique equipment, you will unlock the four purple soul gem holes gradually in the gem tree. After unlocking these holes, you can put any soul gems that is needed for your character in.