Talisman Online M Guide: Soul Gem Intro and Recommendation


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Jul 7, 2019
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Soul Gem Tree is an important system for immortals to improve their combat power. However, some of you have complained to Tom that they don’t know how to make the best matches since there are so many different kinds of Soul Gems to choose from. Today, Tom will lead you through the Soul Gem System.

Basic Information
There are three categories of soul gems, the focus soul gem focusing on attack, the magic soul gem focusing on defense, and the assist soul gem focusing on survival. The detailed data are as follows:

Focus Soul Gem

Magic Soul Gem

Assist Soul Gem

Tips in obtaining soul gems​

Lv. 1 Soul Gem
Players have chances to gain Lv. 1 Soul Gems through Peach Garden, opening treasure chests, Azure Dragon Token, and operation events. Although it is easier and cheaper to get low-level Soul Gem, it would be better for players to be planned in collecting soul gems that suit your class.

Higher Level Soul Gem
Only through soul gem merge and trading can you gain higher level Soul Gems. When you have enough same Soul Gems, you would be able to merge them and upgrade to a higher level in the interface of Gem Tree – Soul Gem Backpack.
It will cost three low-level Soul Gems and a few bound silver to get a higher level Soul Gem.

As the level of merged Soul Gem becomes higher, you would need more bound silver. The specific consumption is as follows:

From this, it is not difficult to tell that with the upgrade of the Soul Gem level, the resources required for cultivation will gradually increase, so it is best for you to choose the correct Soul Gem type you need at the beginning so as to minimize the cost.

Recommended Combination​

Tom now would recommend several commonly used combination plans for different characters.
Survival priority (applicable to Monk, Assassin): Strength, Iron, Vitality
Because the core Soul Gem does not have a relatively high defense and survival bonus, we choose the most cost-effective Soul Gem: Strength to strengthen the main attribute, thereby maximizing the bonus, and the Soul Gem: Iron to give the character strong physical defense and parrying ability of the character and maximize the character's ability to reduce injuries. Additionally, the selection of Soul Gem: Vitality can significantly increase the character's blood volume and fundamentally improve the character's ability to resist attack.

Damage priority (applicable to Sword Mage, Assassin, Archer):
PVE: Strength, Vajra, Recovery
PVP: Crit, Vajra, Recovery

Players who output professions often have to deal with different situations, so we choose Soul Gem: Vajra to improve resistance, thereby improving the player's survival rate in PVP battles, and we choose Recovery for Auxiliary Soul Gem, so that we can increase the upper limit as well as obtain the life recovery ability, which can make us cope with more complex situations. In terms of the selection of Core Soul Gem, players who prefer PVP can choose a Crit Soul Gem to create huge damage in a short time, while players who are inclined to PVE can use the Strength Soul Gem to strengthen the continuous output ability.

Powerful assistance (applicable to Priest): Strength, Dodge, Life
For assistance, the most important aspects are survivability and healing ability, so we firstly choose the Life Soul Gem to maximize our healing ability. The Dodge Soul Gem can increase our dodge value. In this way, during the raid, our survivability can be further guaranteed, and the main attribute added by the Strength Soul Gem can improve our output ability.

Tom hopes that this detailed explanation of the power of the Soul Gem can make you better understand how Soul Gem works. There are a lot of ways for you to get soul gems in-game, daily activities, in-game events, and so on.

If you have any unique insights into the combination and development of the Soul Gem, you can also share your opinions with Tom and other players!

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