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Jul 7, 2019
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TOM Gameplay: Guild Events

Guild Tree​

At the guild base you can start a Guild Tree where you can obtain EXP and SP and also join the quiz and participate in the dice roll!

Join Level
When players reach Lvl 15 and after they joined the guild, they may participate in the guild tree.
Event Time
Default time is 19:00-19:10, event duration is only 10 minutes, the Guild Master & Captain can change the event time.
Gameplay Introduction
1. When the event starts players can tap [Guild] – [Event] – [Guild Tree] to participate in the event, after you tap Go you’ll be teleported to the guild’s base
2. After the event has started, at the interface on the left side you’ll be able to see the guild tree remaining time, players who participate in this event will obtain guild tree EXP, Quiz progress and Dice Roll information
3. After the event starts, players can stand next to the tree to obtain EXP, you can also invite other players to drink to get an EXP boost. Also during this event you can start the quiz, if you get a wrong answer, you can go to the guild channel and discuss about the question, if everyone is of the same boat, answering all the questions correctly is not impossible!
4. When you answer correctly a certain amount of questions, you can participate in the dice roll event, the player’s roll amount will show in the guild channel, the player with the highest number will obtain a lucky reward.
1. The EXP boost when drinking during the guild tree can be stacked
2. The number of correct answers required for the lucky dice game is the number of correct answers for a single person

Guild Trial​

Guild members working for a common purpose, rushing bravely to the guild trial. Massive purgatory BOSS battle, after you clear it all participating members will obtain great rewards!

Start Requirements
After reaching a certain level the Guild Master or Captain can start the event, and guild members can participate.
Event Time
Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday (18:00-23:00)
Challenge Times
Twice every day (Only one dungeon can be open at the same time)
Event Rewards
Skyforge Gem, Bound Silver, Compressed Pellet, Siege Potion
Event Instructions
1. Mornings at 9:00 the dungeon times reset, every Monday at 5:00 the dungeon resets.
2. Every guild trial will need be activated in order to start,must clear the last stage
to activate the next one (Hard mode will appear after clearing Normal mode)
3. After the trial is opened a trial waiting map will generate, registration waiting time is 3 minutes, during this time all guild members can teleport to the waiting map, you can go in and out freely on the waiting map
4. Players who wait on the map when the timer ends will be teleported to the trial challenge battle map, guild members can still enter the dungeon even after the battle has started
5. Guild members who left their previous guild within the last 6 hours are unable to join this event
6. In every dungeon stage in the Guild Trial there’s a BOSS, everyone needs to use guild funds to activate it, No matter how many times the dungeon BOSS is activated, it will no longer cost guild funds until it clears.
Since is a Guild Level trial, the BOSS players must face is quite powerful, no matter the HP, ATK, DEF or the skills, all the Guild Trial BOSS are considered top level, it can be considered one of the strongest bosses in the game. But to worry the revive area is next to the battlefield, players can revive and go back into battle! No matter how strong the BOSS is believe in your guild members skills and wisdom and work together to get through this hardship!

Guild Boss​

Guild is not only a place to make good friends, but also a great treasure for you to dig. Guild BOSS is one of the major guild events to provide guild members with large amount of experience and Guild Tribute.

Who can participate?
Players who have reached lvl. 11 and joined a guild are allowed to join to kill the Boss.
Event Time
Every Thursday and Sunday, from 19:00 to 24:00 (Server Time).
Event Instructions
  1. Guild Master or Captain goes to Guild --> Event --> Guild Boss. The management can choose which level of Boss to kill according to the guild level.
  2. After the Boss is opened, all the guild members can click “Join” and be sent to the battlefield to participate in killing the Guild Boss.
  3. Once successfully killing the Guild Boss, all the members who have participated are able to gain Exp and Guild Tributes.
The level of Boss is closely related to the level of your guild. The higher level a guild is, a higher-level boss can be killed, and higher bonus guild members are able to obtain.
Join hands together with other guild members to build a powerful guild now. Generous rewards will be waiting for you to claim!

King Scourge​

In the Talisman OM world, fighting is always the main theme of the Talisman players. There’s always grudges within the guild members one siege a week is not enough, although the battle is dominated by the alliance, and its opening time limits the desire to fight!
King Scourge should be played at any given time, with unlimited time and places for 1v1 guild battles, to satisfy the players desire to fight at any time!

1. Only the Guild Master & Captain can issue a guild King Scourge.
2. Guild King Scourge effect doesn't interfere and stack with Scourge, Gods Scourge
3. You can view all the King Scourge related information in the King Scourge log
4. You can only issue the king scourge to Lvl 5 and non-ally guilds
5. To issue a King Scourge you need to use one guild [King Scourge Order],every time it lasts for 1 hour and 30 minutes

6. After sending a King Scourge, you need to wait 2 hours to send one again
7. Your guild can receive King Scourge up to 5 times, and issue up to 5 times, and every time you issue a King Scourge, your guild will get a +1 receive King Scourge
8. Your guild can issue a King Scourge up to 5 to different guilds at the same time, and receive up to 10 from different guilds
9. King Scourge Time:
1) Both guild's members can't leave the guild, but both guilds can accept new members
2) Both guild members will be in defense mode, but in the wild they can pk at any time and won't increase evil points
3) When the issuing guild member gets the first kill the player can obtain 50 Crystal, after that for every kill will get 1000 Bound Silver
4) If the issuing guild member kills a player 5 levels lower than himself or more the player won't obtain rewards, but will still receive death penalties when killed
5) After the targeted guild member has been killed, it will receive an EXP and SP penalty, if the player has been killed by the same guild 20 times, the player won't receive any more penalties and the killer won't get any more rewards.