Talisman Online M Guild Introduction and Building Gameplay


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Jul 7, 2019
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If you want to create your own world in Talisman OM world, or if you want to experience games with a couple of friends, joining a guild is essential. How do I join a guild? What are the benefits of joining one? Let’s take a look!

Create Guild
You’ll need to use a Guild Token to create a guild can be purchased at the shop, if you don’t have one in your bag, you can also spend 150 Diamonds instead.

Join Guild
1. Players level 11 and above will unlock the Guild System, some missions will require to join a guild in order to complete them.
2. Tap Auto Apply to apply to many guilds at once. If players select Auto Apply they will apply to all of the guilds shown in the screen, if they’re accepted they’ll join the guild and become an apprentice.

3. Guild Apprentice occupies the place of an official member in the guild, and the guild manager can directly transfer the apprentice to become an official member.
4. If the player wants to select an specific guild, they must type the guild name on the bottom left corner to search for the guild and tap [Apply to enter].

Leave a guild

1. At [Guild] – [Member] On the bottom right of the screen tap [Leave Guild] or you can select your character name then select [Leave Guild]
2. If a player wants to join another guild, they must wait 3 hours to join another guild after they left!

Guild Event

Guild Building​

Guild building is an essential part of the guild, which is related to the prosperity of the whole guild. It needs the concerted efforts of all the members to develop a better guild. The guild has different buildings that need to consume guild member's resources in order to be upgraded. After upgrading, the guild may become bigger.

The Tree of Life is the most important place for a guild to grow. The level of the tree of life represents the level of the guild. Each upgrade of the tree of life requires a certain amount of guild funds. The higher the level, the higher the max amount of players the guild can have. After the guild reaches level 5, you can enable the apprentice function, and you can upgrade it again to add more apprentices.

Build Instructions:
1) Tree of Life max Level is 6 (Only Level 5 in current version)
2) Tree of Life level is the same as guild level, which determines the max level of other buildings
3) Tree of Life level determines the max number of guild members
4) Level 1 Guild starting members is 120 players, for guild level 1 to 5 every time you upgrade you'll increase 20 players, won't increase at Level 6
5) After level 5 the guild will enable the apprentice function, every upgrade will increase 10 members
6) When the Tree of Life level increases, the number of captain and elite you can appoint will also increase, guild level 1-3 can appoint 3 captain

The Heaven Cauldron is the place where you can increase your guild tribute, every day you can donate 10 times, according to the currency you donate you’ll obtain different amounts of tribute. Daily donations are not only important tributes but you can also exchange them for items, and also increase funds for the guild.

Build Instructions:
1) Heaven Cauldron max level is 5
2) After upgrading the Heaven Cauldron, every time you donate to the guild, tribute gains will increase

The Pet Pavilion is the Guild’s Shop, in here you can use guild tribute to exchange it for items. The items in the Pet Pavilion reset every day. Players don’t forget to come and see what’s inside.

Build Instructions:
1) Pet Pavilion max level is 5
2) After upgrading pet Pavilion, the type of items sold in Pet Pavilion will increase
3) After upgrading Pet Pavilion, the item purchase limit will increase
4) Only after upgrading guild level, the player can increase Pet Pavilion level

At the Swordman’s Gem you can see different types of guild missions, complete those missions to obtain great rewards! Complete 6 or more missions in order to submit. The more missions you complete the better rewards you can claim, Bound Silver, EXP, SP and much more!

Build Instructions:
1) Swordsman's Gem max level is 5
2) After upgrading Swordsman's Gem, you'll obtain all of its mission rewards
3) Only after upgrading guild level, the player can increase swordsman's gem level

At the Observatory you’ll spend a certain amount of guild tribute to start stargaze, and you’ll be able to obtain equipment of different qualities. As stargaze continue to upgrade, the cost and availability of the equipment will also increase and upgrade! If you know the mysteries in heaven then you’ll probably get a chance to get a gold equipment!
Build Instructions:
1) Observatory max level is 5
2) After upgrading Observatory, you can obtain higher tier equipment when you stargaze
3) Only after upgrading guild level, the player can increase the Observatory level

The guild’s auction house, at the Soul Pavilion you can bid for guild items and for items dropped in from the World BOSS, the guild auction lasts for 12 hours, during this time guild members can use Silver to bid for the listed items or buy them for the Buy Now price.

Build Instructions:
1) Soul Pavilion max level is 5
2) For every level upgrade Soul Pavilion has, the auction house will charge 5% more for
items they failed to sell
3) Only after upgrading guild level, the player can increase Soul Pavilion level