Talisman Online M How to get more Silver?


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Jul 7, 2019
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Circulating Silver, as the trading silver in Talisman Online M, can effectively help everyone improve their strength and rank among the top of the combat power rankings. Today, let's take a look at how to easily obtain a large number of Silver and complete the transformation of strength!

Protect the Monk​

The task of protecting the Ascetic Monk is one way to gain Silver. Ascetic Monk soul is missing, and the evil demons will seize this opportunity to attack his flesh. Players with a level of 32 or higher can join a team to guard, fight back monsters, and win rewards.

The higher the level you are, the more waves of monsters you can defeat to get more Circulating Silver. If you fail to protect Ascetic Monk from dying, then you will automatically exit the dungeon. No Silver will be given for completing tasks within 10 waves. Once you complete the mission, you will have the chance to get Silver, Spiritual Power and Skyforge Gem as rewards. Please note that if you level is 15 lower than the max level of the server, then you might only obtain bound silver instead of silver.

Raining Beads​

Another daily event to gain Silver is Raining Beads. Every day during certain periods of time, all kinds of beads are falling from the sky at Chengdu’s West Suburbs, Blazing Grotto, Osmanthus Hill, Snow Mountain Village, the Gloom Hill, Tai’s Family Ground, Pure Water Dam, Quadragate Mountain, Savage Mountain, waiting for you to collect them. The higher the stars, the better the rewards. To get Silver, you will need to collect beads with a level of 3 or higher.

Trading Items for Silver​

Briefly speaking, it is to sell items and earn Circulating Silver, which is the simplest and most direct way. You could obtain items from different dungeons and list unnecessary items in the Marketplace.

Tom hopes that this would give you a clear idea of how to gain a large amount of Silver and build high combat power.