Talisman online M Introduction and Tips to Pet System

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Jul 7, 2019
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Pets are evolved from spirits across heaven and lands, do not underestimate them. They are our best friends during the path towards transcendence, they are also a formidable comrade.

In Talisman Online M, the role of a pet is not to be thrown to the front and carry the damage for the character. Pet is more like an auxiliary role during the battle. After studying different Skill tomes, they can sync their buffs to us: everything from the addition of basic attributes to accelerated character growth, the strength of skills will also increase with the level of pets.

When characters reach Lvl 12, you will get the first cute Pet - Lil’ Panda by following the game guidance. You can customize its name. Other Per Transmog Coupons can be obtained through events, shops, and Marketplace.

Pet Attribute​

The most intuitive manifestation of a pet is that it helps the character, giving you bonus stats based on different stat point allocation.

  • For Monk and Assassin, if you prefer PVP, you can add more points on “Dodge” and “Resistance”; if you prefer PVE, you can add more points on “Vitality” or “Power/Agility”.
  • For Priest, you can add more points on “Vitality” to improve vitality and HP.
  • For Archer and Sword Mage, add more points on “Vitality/Intellect” to improve DPS will be the more cost-effective option.

Pet Skill Books​

There are several Pet Skill Books, such as HP Recovery, Increase Attack, Increase Crit, Increase Vitality, and so on.
  • For Monk and Priest, the priority is viability, so you should put “Vitality” and “HP Recovery” Skill Books in the front position.
  • For Assassin, Sword Mage, and Archer, DSP is more important, so you should put “Crit” and “Attack” Skill Books in the front position.
Note: Some skills need an extra Pet Skill Book to upgrade (the same skill type).

Pet Companion​

In addition to attributes and skills, the combination of Pet appearances can also play an unexpected role. When we collect a specific combination of appearances, we can get a powerful attribute bonus.