Talisman Online M Monk Class Introduction

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Jul 7, 2019
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Tom has received feedback from many players: “Monk is not strong enough!”. Maybe you haven’t find the best way of weapon collocation. Check this walkthrough of Monk’s weapon collocation and weapon skill points, maybe it will help you to make your Monk stronger.

Class Introduction​

Monk is nature's berserker, he has more physical stamina to block the enemy's attacks, he can also fight with more than one enemy at a time buying your team time to prepare skills.

1. The strongest DEF
2. The strongest Melee combat skills
3. Excellent hatred control ability can force enemies who are attacking teammates to attack themselves.

Fewer skills against ranged enemies.

Weapon Introduction​

Main weapons:
Fire Staff Skills:

Budd Dual Axe Skills:

Sub Weapons:

How to choose suitable weapons for Monk?​

Weapon Collocation
1. Dungeon Collocation

Staff helps Monk obtain a huge amount of hatred points; Sadira pulls enemies and increases Phy. DEF; Heart Light reduces enemies speed and deals damage over time. This is the best dungeon collocation to Monk.

2. PVP Collocation

Dual Axe can immobilize, stun, and decrease enemies’ resistance; Diamond Sutra stuns enemies; Treasure Hoop removes all control effects from enemies. This would be the best PVP collocation to Monk.

Weapon Skill points suggestion​

1. Dual Axe
Asura·Split, Asura·Chop, and Asura·Freeze add points to Lvl. 5. Three passive skills also add points to Lvl. 5. You can leave rest skills at Lvl. 0, or if you have extra points you can add to rest skills.

2. Staff
Nirvana·Pierce and Nirvana·Sorrow add points to Lvl. 5. Three passive skills also add points to Lvl. 5. You can also add Nirvana·Ghost to Lvl. 5. Rest skills can keep Lvl. 0.

3. Sub Weapons
Make the first skill of each sub weapon to Lvl. 5, rest skills can be added slowly.