Talisman Online M New Player Guide


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Jul 7, 2019
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Game Log in​

  • Open the game client, select log in method:
  • Connect with Facebook: Link your Facebook account to quickly log in to the game.
  • Connect with Google: Link your Google account to quickly log in to the game.
  • Connect with Game Center (iOS): Log in using Game Center and your Apple ID

After you log in, select the server you want to play.

Character Creation​

After you selected the server, you can start creating your character.《Talisman OM》currently has a total of 5 characters with different classes to choose from: Assassin, Archer, Sword Mage, Priest and Monk

After you have selected your class, you can tap the square on the right to create a character name. If the name is already taken you can try tapping the dice on the right to randomly get a name.

Enter Game​

After you completed the steps from above, tap [Enter Game] and your character creation will be completed and you’ll be able to start playing!
Follow to novice guide when you start playing, have fun!~

System Settings​

Tap the player icon to open the information interface

At the information interface, you’ll also be able to find other important functions for the game.
Change Channel:Tap here to change your current channel
Recall:If you find yourself stuck in a map, tap here to return to the first map
Back to Login:Tap here to return to the log in screen

On the left side of the information interface you can change your game settings

1. Players can turn on/off the game’s music and sound effects. You can turn on the sound effects for a better gaming experience.

2. Players can adjust the graphic settings, if you want to fully experience the graphics Talisman OM has to offer, you can select the Ultra setting, if you want a smooth experience you can also select the Low setting to ensure the game runs the basic graphics.

3. Players can select how many players to see in the main screen, the game will run smoothly
the less players are shown.

4. If the hardware configuration allows it, you can select to show characters shadows, hide player’s effects etc.