Talisman Online M Primal Spirit System


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Jul 7, 2019
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The primal spirit of the talisman disciples is originated from concentrated reiki, the primal spirit is not only a boost of combat power, but the overflow of reiki will condense into a spirit hovering around you, let’s take a closer look!

Basics – Primal Spirit Level​

At level 55 you can enable the Primal Spirit System. The spirit also has its own level, you can increase the spirit’s level after going obtaining primal spirit exp, you can go to the daily event “Soul Redemption” to obtain EXP.
The stages are divided in Purple and Blue portal and you can find them in the safe area of Snow Mt. Village you’ll need a party of at least 3 players in order to enter, the purple portal has a low probability to spawn at Snow Mt. Village, Gloom Hill, Drabus, Clear Dam, and you’ll need at least a party of 4 players to enter. The primal spirit’s level is the most basic path to ascension, is similar to the character’s EXP. You can only unlock new skills after you increase its level.

Improve Talent Skill​

As the Primal Spirit level increases, you can unlock new talent and skills, you can boost your combat power with both of these skills but the way they are upgraded is different.

Primal Talent: It will automatically be activated as the primal spirit level increases, increases with the primal spirit level after activation.
Primal Skill: You can unlock new skills once the primal spirit reaches a certain level, to activate and upgrade it you’ll need to consume Bound Silver and Essence Pieces; you can obtain essence pieces from dungeon chests.

Appearance Effect​

When you enable the primal spirit, a spirit shaped like your character’s class will float around you once you stop moving. You can also hide your spirit if you like to, just check the square at the Spirit interface “Hide your primal spirit” in order to hide it.

One last thing, the primal spirit system has a lot of room for improvement, not only will you have a cooler look, but more skills and awakening abilities will be available in subsequent releases.