Talisman Online M Purgatory 1-3F Clear Guide


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Jul 7, 2019
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Purgatory 1F​

Dungeon Instructions
  • Event Level: 31
  • Event Monster: Gory Boar, Markdoon and Piglet
  • Event Time: 10 Minutes
  • Event Rewards: Tier 3 Purple Weapon (First clear reward)
Party Setup
Two damage dealers (Sword Mage or Archer recommended), two Priests, one Monk or Assassin.
(Recommend Sword Mage to use water sword, because the water sword has a 9m attack distance; if the Priest has good equipment you’ll only need one, and you can add a Monk or Assassin)

Clear Secrets

  1. Focus on the 2 big monsters, all players need to choose one and kill it fast
  2. During battle, pay attention to avoid the monsters red range skill attacks.
  3. Don’t ignore the piglets, after the piglet arrows appear every player must avoid them.
  4. Damage dealers must maintain their distance and attack, Sword Mage and Archer slow and crowd control skills are a priority.
  5. Priest must pay attention the HP of the weakest party members, after you defeat the first monster you’ll only need to worry about healing and not attacking.
  6. All players should avoid auto attack; this stage can only be cleared by using manual attack

Purgatory 2F​

Dungeon Instructions
  • Event Level: 41
  • Event Monster: Skyfire Ape, Lephar
  • Event Time: 10 minutes
  • Event Rewards: 1x Purple Main Weapon (First clear reward)
Party Setup
  1. Setup #1
For this dungeon, the damage dealer requirements are quite high. Therefore you’ll need a following party setup:
  • 1 Priest, can heal & attack
  • 1 Monk, can defend & attack
  • 1 High damage Archer or Sword Mage (Sword Mage uses water blade)
  • +2 of any class
2. Setup #2
3-4 Damage dealers (You can choose a high damage Priest and Monk) at least Lvl 45

Clear Secrets

Tip: There are two types of party setups that can clear the dungeon

1. After the dungeon starts, the Monk must quickly pull Lephar and Skyfire Ape away from each other, other classes shouldn’t attack the fire monster, and use all of their attacks on the other one. (The Skyfire Ape will move freely in a fixed area).

2. When Lephar uses his AOE skill, he will use a poison liquid during this time, all players must stay away of the poison area. Wait until the poison area is gone and the Priest heals so you can continue attacking. This part is hard for the Assassin since he’s a close range class. Pay attention and try to avoid all of the poison.

3. If someone dies, you can revive immediately, you can view the damage of each party member, by tapping the Battle button next to the chat box, you must use a scarecrow to revive and use all your attacks on Lephar to defeat it as soon as possible.

This process is quite painstaking but you must persist and attack Lephar and not go to the Skyfire Ape, surprisingly you’ll be able to deal with Lephar in about 5 minutes.

4. Next you’ll deal with the Skyfire Ape, during this time you should revive immediately if you happen to die, are important to pay attention to this part. The Skyfire Ape will have a red circle area surrounding him, this is an AOE attack, and players must avoid it, while he’s casting this skill the Skyfire Ape can jump in any direction, at this time the boss attack intensifies, and you must avoid them.

Purgatory 3F​

Dungeon Instructions
  • Event Level: 51
  • Event Monster: Undin, Etran
  • Event Time: 10 minutes
  • Event Rewards: 1x Purple Main Weapon (First clear reward)
Party Setup
  • 1 Priest, can heal & attack
  • 1 Monk, can defend & attack
  • 1 High damage Archer or Sword Mage (Sword Mage uses water blade)
  • +2 of any class
Clear Secrets

1. Split both bosses
Firstly after you enter the dungeon you must change to manual attack mode, and players must move to the edge of the dungeon and awake Etran with a normal skill, at this time you must pay attention to not stay too close, in the end return with the rest of the party and wait for Etran to come.

If you’re not careful, you can awake both bosses, you can split both bosses away from each other, after Undin is dead you can move on to Etran, You can use an Expert Scarecrow to help assist on defeating Etran, of course you can use a much simple way and leave the dungeon and start again.

2. Defeat Etran
Etran has 3 skills: Punishment sword, Thunder sword and Scarlet Thunder sword. These skills are predictable, so you’ll need to avoid them in time (don’t run near Undin) these skill won’t kill you immediately but you should still avoid them, also don’t be afraid to use your scarecrow from you bag immediately and go back to battle, his normal attacks can be healed by the Priest, by doing this you should defeat it with no problems. During this time pay attention to the dungeon time.

3. Defeat Undin
Undin skills aren’t as scary as Etran, players who have entered the Fire Summit dungeon should know, around him he can randomly spawn 3 gold spells, and later on he can spawn fire, during this time don't think too much and run away from the gold areas and you should be ok, if you’re not careful you can always use a scarecrow to revive and keep attacking, the Priest should keep healing and in no time you should be able to defeat Undin and clear the dungeon.

  1. When pulling the monster you must keep your distance from Etran, Etran is much harder to kill, we recommend you to defeat Etran first.
  2. Priest should always manually heal, other classes may auto.
  3. After you die don’t be afraid to use a scarecrow, and reduce the revive time to go back into battle, after all the dungeon time is limited (The party total damage must be over 6 million).
  4. When you attacking the first boss, pay attention to not get close to the second one.
  5. You’ll need your party cooperation and mutual understanding, there’s no godly opponents only pig-like teammates.