Talisman Online M Purgatory 4F Clear Walkthrough Guide


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Jul 7, 2019
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After reaching lvl 60, Tom starts the road to pass the Purgatory 4F. However, unlike any previous levels, the difficulty of 4F has reached a new level. After several times of failure and torture, Tom finally passed the Purgatory 4th Floor, and immediately comes up with the following walkthrough for all of you.

The dungeon rules:
Level requirement: lvl 60
Clearance Awards: Tier 6 Purple Main Weapon, Large Shining Gem * 2, Large Glory Gem*2, Red Title – Fearless Flames (HP+2200), Silver * 9000

Team Buildup:
Best Team: Five Players from five different classes
Basic Team: A tank (Assassin or Monk), A Priest, A player with flexible output (Archer or Sword Mage), and two other players with random classes.

The walkthrough guidance:

1. After entering the dungeon, all players should separate in case being killed at once by the AOE of the Water Element.

2. Assassin needs to attract the Water Element to a far-away point, so the rest team members can better focus on defeating the Peitar. During this time, the priority task of Assassin is to stay alive. The rest four players who are combating with the Water Element should keep moving to avoid the Water Wave. Before the release of Water Wave Wall, there will be obvious watermark on the ground, as follows.

3. After the watermark appears, the best way to avoid the attack is to hide at the source point of the skill (where the water wave starts). Assassin is the best choice to deal with the Water Element because of his sub-weapon, Quick feet, which allows Assassin to quickly speed up the avoid the monster’s skills.
4. While Assassin attracting the attention of Water Element, the Monk should drag Peitar and all the small monsters called by it to the other corner so the rest three players can better focus on attacking Peitar.

Peitar skills:
The Monk should attract the anger from Peitar and all the small monsters called by it at the same time. Since the small monsters will keep coming back to life, the other high damage classes need to lock the target on Peitar to finish the fight earlier.
After killing the Peitar, all players can make a joint effort in defeating the Water Element. As I said before, avoiding the skills of the Water Element is very important. If all players are killed at the same time, your team will need to do it again. Therefore, the Scarecrow is an important item to use in the Purgatory 4F.

  1. Since the Peitar can summon small monsters with attack/recovery ability, it is better for the party to have a Sword Mage with a high level of Crit or an Archer wearing a Jade Cauldron Sub-weapon.
  2. The time used to kill the Peitar should be within 6 minutes, otherwise you might run out of time.
  3. When the party finally fight with the Water Element, it is better to be more separately so you won’t be killed all at once.
There is the guidance for you to clear the Purgatory 4F. Wish all immortals pass the Purgatory 4F soon. If you have other good tips or suggestion, please make a comment or share with us! Enjoy the game!