Talisman Online M Raining Beads


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Jul 7, 2019
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Fallen treasure, in the Talisman OM world during a limited period of time the gods from the country drop colorful orbs for lucky players to pick them up.

Level Required: Lvl 26
Event Mode: Single
Event Time: Daily (10:00~12:00, 15:00~17:00, 19:00~21:00, 22:00~24:00)
Event Times: 10 times
Event Rewards: Forge Gem, Treasure Map, Skyforge Gem, Silver
Activity Rewards: 10 Activity

Rules Introduction​

1. Every day for a limited period of time and you can find them in Chengdu, Blazing Grotto, Osmanthus Hill, Snow Mt. Village, Gloom Hill, Drabus, Clear Dam, Quad Mt. Savage Mt.

2. You can collect different types of Star Orbs at different levels; tap the orb to start collecting
3. After you collect the orb, you’ll get star orb pieces, collect 5 of them to fuse them into a Star Orb

4. Use the Star Orb to obtain rewards, the higher the level the better the rewards.