Talisman Online M Refine System


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Jul 7, 2019
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When players reach Lvl 67, you can refine Lvl 60 & above sub weapons and gain refining attributes to increase combat power. The refinement for main weapons, armors and accessaries will be available later. Main weapons need to be Tier 7 to be refined.


To refine an item, you need to use a refining talisman (Dungeon Drop or Silver Store). Depending on the quality of the refined item, it will need to use different refining talisman in corresponding quality. The stats, quality and amount are all randomly acquired after the refining. The higher the quality of talisman is, the easier it is to acquire better and more stats.

You can also use the lucky talisman to increase the rate to acquire purple or gold stats.

If you’re not satisfied with the refined stats, you can choose to refine the item again. However, if you want to keep one of the specific stats while redoing the refining, you can use Soul Lock Orb or Town Spirit Orb to lock that stats. The Soul Lock Orb will only the stats type but the quality and value might change (higher or lower), while the Town Spirit Orb can lock all attributes.

The check box is to lock the stats type with Soul Lock Orb to remain as Poison Res but the quality (color) or the value might change after refining it again. However, if you use a Town Spirit Orb click the lock on the right, it will lock the Poison Res as purple with 111 (168). Therefore, immortals won’t use this function until they obtain an attribute in gold quality with high number.

The refined stats of accessories can be fully protected while being fused with a higher tier unrefined equipment. Therefore, you don’t need to refine different equipment multiple times. One set of good refining stats can be carried on. Please be noted that the refined equipment cannot be freely traded between players.

As an effective way to improve weapon stats and personal combat power, the main weapon refinement system can reward different attributes and combat power. For classes like Archer, Assassin and Sword Mage who are focusing on damage, attributes like ATK, Main Stats, Crit, are the most important ones that must be obtained from the refining. At the same time, Priest can choose healing as the main stats to improve.
All the refining materials will drop from the hero dungeons. Therefore, don’t worry about the lack of materials in refining.

Efficient Refining Methods​

Firstly, refining to obtain multiple attributes and then lock the states type to refine for a better quality or higher stats number. For example, the best attributes of amulet are HP, Vitality, Tenacity, Dodge, Resistance, so you need to refine your amulet multiple times until you obtain all of the five attributes or any four of them, and then lock the types to get better quality or number.

Secondly, as long as you obtain an attribute in gold quality, you need to use a Town Spirit Orb to lock it. You can continue refining till you obtain five attributes in gold quality. This is currently the way used by majority of players, but it will consume a large amount of Town Spirit Orb.
Generally speaking, when you’re refining items, there is no restriction on locking the stats category or stats value. The right way is to lock the good one. For example, if the attribute value reaches the highest after refinement, there is no doubt that you need to lock the value with the Town Spirit Orb. On the other side, if you have obtained 5 top attributes in blue quality, you need to lock the attributes with the Soul Lock Orb and keep refining till the quality becomes gold or the value gets higher. Therefore, you need to make judgement basing on your situation to decide on a most cost-effective way.