Talisman Online M Sword Mage Class Introduction

Guild of Guardians


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Jul 7, 2019
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Sword Mage is the mid-ranged DPS character and has a high demand for weapons. Let’s take a look at how to collocate weapons for Sword Mage.

Class Introduction​

Sword Mage has the ability to use both sword and magic power to destroy and suppress the enemy from a mid-range distance.
  1. Strong flexibility
  2. Advantage of Dungeon group attack
  3. Important occupation in Group Battle
  4. The obvious advantage of PVP
  1. Slow DPS
  2. Low damage
  3. Low crit
  4. Weak melee ability

Weapon Introduction​

Main weapons:

1. Fire Magic Sword

2. Water Spirit Blade

Sub Weapons:

Weapon Collocation​

1. [Dungeon Collocation]

Spirit Blade + Battle Trigram + Long Needle
The skill cast distance of the Spirit Blade is farther than Magic Sword. Sword Mage’s weakness is low Vitality, which means it’s better to us Spirit Blade and keeps the maximum distance from the Boss in dungeons. Long Needle can immobilize, and Battle Trigram can stun enemies.

2. [PVP Collocation]

Magic Sword + Battle Trigram + Millennium Jade
Magic Sword has a higher Crit Rate than Spirit Blade; Battle Trigram can stun enemies, and Millennium Jade can remove and be immune to control effects.

Weapon Skill Points Suggestion​

1. Spirit Blade: Three passive skills are the most important, add to Lvl.5. Stream, add to Lvl.5. Rest skills can be added slowly.
2. Magic Sword: Fire Blade, Dark Fire, and Dragon Dance add to Lvl.5. Three passive skills can be added slowly.
3. Sub Weapons: Make the first skill of each sub weapon to Lvl. 5, rest skills can be added slowly.