Talisman Online M Talent System and Artifact System Gameplay


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Jul 7, 2019
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The new talent systems provides a new way to ascension for players who love to PVP, you’ll need to participate in PVP to obtain Divine Souls, use the divine souls to exchange them for strong buffs!

Divine Souls​

1. Divine Souls are divided in Accumulated Divine Souls & Current Divine Souls
2. Accumulated Divine Souls are the souls you’ve acquired throughout the game, the number can only increase, once the souls number reach a certain number you can unlock Talents and Upgrade Talents
3. Current Divine Souls are the current souls you have at the moment, consume the current divine souls to exchange them for talents and talents upgrade.
4. There’s an amount of divine souls a player can collect per week, Level 50 lower players can
obtain up to 5,000 divine souls, players higher than level 50 can obtain up to 6,000 divine souls per week. Every Monday the divine soul counter resets at 5:00.
5. You won't obtain Souls if you defeat a player 5 levels lower or more than you
6. Divine Souls can be obtained in different PVP events. Brawl Arena, Divine Battle, you can obtain divine souls when you defeat or assist a player inside the arena


After you learned about divine souls, let’s learn about Talent. After you accumulated a certain amount of divine souls you’ll unlock the corresponding talents and levels, use divine souls and bound silver to activate and upgrade the talents, after successfully activating a talent the player will have a strong buff that lasts 14 days! Going offline or dying won’t reset the buff.
1. Upgrading a talent is a one-time permanent upgrade, you’ll need use a great amount of divine souls and bound silver.
2. Activated talents will last only for 14 days, after the effect ends you’ll need to exchange souls again, offline time will still count
3. Players can activate up to 3 Talents at once, you can also remove talents that you already activated
4. View the image below to see the talents:

Artifact System​

Players can increase their stats and have a special appearance effect when refining artifacts. After the player reaches Lvl 15, the Artifact icon will appear in the main screen. Tap it to enter the Artifact interface, after you enter the default artifact and stage will be unlocked. Once the player has unlocked more artifacts, you can select the appearance of the artifact, players can tap the Refine button to start refining.

Refine Artifact​

Artifact refining is the most important growth method of the artifact system, players need to reach a level in order to refine the corresponding level of the artifact, refining will consume bound silver and purple gems.

Every time you refine will increase the progress bar, once the bar is complete it will increase the star level, every time you refine there’s a chance to directly increase the star level, every star upgrade will give a stats increase boost, once you reach star level 4, 7 and 10, the appearance will change. In addition, the refining materials amount (Small Purple Gem, Large Purple Gem) amount and silver will also increase according to the star level and stage.

Small Purple Gem source: Silver Shop, Demonic Array, Dungeon Chest, Activity Chest and Trade
Large Purple Gem source: Diamond Shop, Crystal Shop, Demonic Array, Dungeon Chest, Activity Chest and Trade
Once the star level of the artifact is full, it will automatically upgrade the tier of the artifact, the artifact has 6 tiers, the higher the artifact tier level is the higher the star level limit is, in addition the appearance will look magnificent, also the stats type given will also increase.

Artifact Illusion​

Players can change the appearance of the artifact by tapping the button on the bottom left side (can only activate one at a time).

Players can use any illusion that they already unlocked, however, only the highest level artifact that is activated will have an effect on the player's stats bonus, the artifact will have an effect and float around the player’s body, you can also select to hide it.